Digital Transformation for Manufacturers Using IT/ OT Security

Manufacturers are at a very high risk of ransomware attacks. Automation and digitization have transformed the industry. However, they have consequently led to new ways to attack organizations. Within a single year, the manufacturing industry has seen a 300 percent rise in cyberattacks, making it the most targeted industry. Because of the high-risk involved, an enterprise-level resolution such as Microsoft Defender for IoT is vital.

Visibility is the First Step Towards Community Safety

Operational technology (OT) / industrial control systems (ICS) in manufacturing industries are on the rise. On the operations side, the digital transformation benefits are clear. However, the absence of visibility into them stages security risks to chief information security officers (CISOs).
In the manufacturing industry, it is often difficult to monitor and identify what the connected devices are doing and to whom they communicate. Even worse, there is no inventory of all the connected devices within the facility. Whenever there is a compromise on the safety of their systems, the lack of visibility marked it difficult to trace the direction of the attack, leaving them vulnerable and delaying remediation and recovery.

Uninterrupted Monitoring Without an impact on Productivity

With the Microsoft defender for IoT, the creation of asset maps occurs within minutes of turning on and gives steady monitoring of each device in every facility worldwide. They have access to tens of trillions of signals, endpoints, and identities daily offering steps to network protection.
This system is agentless hence protecting industries without affecting production. One digital transformation application is that it offers protection throughout the day and can alert the security team immediately in case of intrusion.

Ensuring Network Safety in the Age of IT and OT Convergence

With the progression of digital transformation, there has been a convergence of OT and IT environments. The air gap between them that ensures uninterrupted manufacturing when IT property is offline is a factor of the previous. Visionary CISOs and their boards are at the forefront of digital transformation for manufacturers safeguarding from cyber assaults.

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