Wuying Cloud Computer builds a security office on the cloud

01 Accessible computing power, fully meeting the needs of enterprise customers

Only the organic integration of cloud and end can form accessible computing power. The computing power of the cloud is like the positive side of Tai Chi, while the computing power of the cloud computer is like the negative side of Tai Chi. There is a great similarity and complementarity between the computing power of the cloud and the end.

The cloud and the end have the same market size of hundreds of billions, both in the IT industry and the same business model. However, because the access to cloud servers is command line access mode, low-frequency interaction scenarios, and cloud computer scenarios are high-frequency strong interaction scenarios, the development of cloud computers is greatly constrained by network conditions.

The continuous evolution of cloud network technology has led to a qualitative leap in convergence by 2020, and the main constraints hindering the development of cloud computing have been broken.

In 2020, the COVID-19 swept the world, and the emergence of the epidemic boosted everyone's recognition of cloud business. Many people went to cloud classes and teaching. During the isolation period, they more or less used various cloud services. The epidemic educated cloud potential customers, and made everyone more agree with the concept of cloud computing.

In addition, after eleven years of development, cloud computing has accumulated economies of scale. The development of cloud computing can amortize the development costs of cloud computers, making the price of cloud computers similar to that of cloud PCs. This is due to the development of the cloud.

At the network level, 5G started large-scale construction in 2020. In the future, if cloud computing is further developed into the field of edge computing, namely the field of MEC nodes, network latency will be further optimized. At that time, there will be no difference in the use of local computers and cloud computers, and all scenarios can run in the cloud.

The changes in the cloud and the internet have made the computing power of terminals smaller and smaller, with a large amount of computing power migrating to the cloud. Terminals can also perform various displays in flexible ways, such as all-in-one machines, card machines, foldable screens, and even integrate cloud computers into mice, keyboards, displays, VR glasses, cameras, and so on. Cloud computers can be integrated into many places, and presented in a multi terminal manner, Forming a new computing architecture, a new form of computer.

Shadowless products and elastic computing are twin products, so Shadowless cloud computers naturally possess the powerful potential of Alibaba Cloud and have strong complementary advantages. On the cloud, cloud servers are often the production stage, while cloud computers are the research and development stage. R&D and production can be linked, which enables us to master the ability to connect the industrial ecosystem and cross marketing, and is also a complementary scenario.

For example, the price advantage stems from the complementary nature of the cloud. Cloud servers run many businesses, including live streaming, social media, and other entertainment businesses, mostly at night, while cloud computers mainly run work-related businesses, mainly during the day, which allows for staggered use of computing power. At the same time, the uplink and downlink bandwidth also form a good complementarity, which ultimately gives cloud computers a great advantage.

In addition, cloud servers are a fundamental product, while shadow free cloud computers are application layer products built on cloud servers. This means that shadow free cloud computers can be deployed wherever cloud servers are deployed. Therefore, shadow free cloud computers have the advantage of scale since their inception. Alibaba Cloud's computing, storage, and network are distributed globally, making them both elastic computing and shadow free, This allows users to gain unlimited computing power anytime, anywhere.

How can computing power be delivered to the end user side? We mainly deliver through flexible terminals, including soft terminals, hard terminals, card machines, all-in-one machines, and other terminal devices, making ubiquitous computing power within reach. For personal IT office needs, achieving cross screen, cross application, and cross operating system collaboration is the best convenient embodiment.

The computing power of the terminal is limited, while the computing power on the cloud is infinite, with both CPUs and GPUs. Therefore, operations that cannot be completed by the terminal can be placed in the cloud to bring greater imagination to the terminal. You can also build computer cluster on the cloud, which students can use to run experimental classes. This is a scenario that can be achieved on the cloud but cannot be achieved by terminal computing power.

For enterprises, while requiring convenience, safety is also a top priority. Safe and convenient productivity is the core value that brings to enterprises. Scenarios such as cloud office, foreign enterprises, research and development, and design can all be met through shadowless product forms.

The flexible feature is reflected in the value of application products, which can be applied on both tablets, mobile phones, and even computers. It can be accessed anytime and anywhere across operating systems and platforms.

These product forms rely on corresponding product capabilities, which are rooted in various product capabilities provided by Alibaba Cloud, such as computing, storage, network, security, etc. These product capabilities are combined and packaged by the functional modules of the shadowless product, forming the shadowless product capabilities. In addition, there are also rich delivery forms, such as public cloud, private cloud, cloud box, local cloud, etc., which can meet the business needs of different types of customers.

Five Application Scenarios for Secure Office of 02 Shadowless Cloud Computers

With the development of enterprise office and internet business, more and more scenarios require the use of cloud computers to solve different problems. In the process of serving customers, the advantages of shadowless cloud computers are also maximized, enabling enterprises or individual customers to achieve efficient and secure office work.

1. Cloud office scenario

More and more enterprises are collaborating with their customers, systems, and even employees through the internet. At the same time, many companies adopt crowdsourcing as a convenient and advanced work mode, which brings lower labor costs to enterprises, but also brings many problems.

In 2021, the Personal Information Security Protection Law was introduced, and personal privacy leakage has become a serious problem, leading to the possibility of employees stealing data and causing bosses to bear legal responsibility. This has put forward higher demands for security. In such a demand and reality, using a shadowless solution can ensure that data does not fall into storage and protect data security for remote work, as many data does not fall into the local area and employees only remotely access the office on the cloud, making data more secure.

2. Office Scenarios for Foreign Enterprises

Many foreign companies operate in a light asset mode in China, and the cloud can precisely meet the needs of light assets. Moreover, foreign companies have strict regulations, standardized processes, and high requirements for information security. Cloud computers can solve security solutions such as zero trust, ensuring data security.

At the same time, many multinational companies in foreign enterprises need cross-border network connectivity, which is the ability of cloud network connectivity. However, accessing data through cloud computing means that the data itself does not fall into storage, cannot be copied, can only be viewed and cannot be copied. Cloud computing can also be equipped with security monitoring software, which is conducive to unified management and can provide very secure services.

3. Branch Office Scenarios

Due to the branches of domestic enterprises, their interconnectivity is only a requirement for domestic interconnectivity, while foreign enterprises often need to do cross-border data connectivity. In this case, a cloud office can be built on the cloud, and a dedicated line can be connected to the headquarters to achieve cross-border data connectivity.

In different usage scenarios, through multi region deployment, various methods such as internet, VPN, and dedicated line can be used to connect to different regions where different institutions are located, ensuring a desktop user experience.

4. Software development scenarios

The core value of cloud computing in software development scenarios is to protect data and code from potential issues such as code leakage that traditional software may encounter. With the advent of the mobile internet era, in order to ensure that employees or suppliers can access existing systems anytime and anywhere, there needs to be a powerful and convenient public cloud service, which is what cloud computers are good at. At the same time, there is also a need for complex identity authentication logic, as the scenario has become complex and a zero trust solution is also very necessary.

The console of Shadowless Cloud Desktop and Alibaba Cloud Desktop Console are also being effectively combined, which can enable cloud computers to have good flexibility and scalability. In the past, cloud native technology was used on the server side. After adding cloud computers, it can form the entire stack of cloud native technology. By incorporating the client's research and development environment into the cloud native environment, it can effectively achieve closed-loop integration of the entire cloud native environment.

5. Human outsourcing scenarios

Conventional outsourcing is separated from onshore outsourcing and on-site outsourcing, and on-site outsourcing management is relatively easy. If offshoring works in the outsourcing company's site, the network situation is more complex, and its IP device access is also more complex. The cloud computer method can ensure data security, data does not fall on the ground, and can also do security audits of operational behavior to better ensure data security.

In summary, by connecting computing power within reach and building cloud based secure offices, Alibaba Cloud believes that in the future, it can achieve higher and broader dimensional integration, continuously grow and innovate, and provide a solid force for global enterprise cloud based office operations.

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