Cloud Firewall is embedded with IPS to defend against intrusions in real time.


  1. Select the Intrusion Prevention Mode.
    • Monitoring Mode: Enable monitoring mode to monitor malicious traffic and generate alarms.
    • Traffic Control Mode: Enable traffic control mode to block the malicious traffic.
    Note After you subscribe to the Cloud Firewall service, Monitoring Mode is enabled for IPS by default.
  2. In the Basic Protection module, turn on or off the Basic Policies switch to enable or disable the built-in basic intrusion prevention rules. The basic rules can intercept intrusions such as password cracking and command execution vulnerability.
  3. Turn on or off the Threat Intelligence switch to enable or disable the function of collecting network-wide threat intelligence.
  4. In the Virtual Patches Module, turn on or off the Patches switch to enable or disable the installation-free virtual patch function for preventing exploitation of high-risk vulnerabilities.
Note After the configuration, you can view the details on different intrusion prevention activities in the IPS Analysis area on Traffic Analysis page.