Enter the start page

When you first enter the Data Security Guard, the Guide page appears, which introduces you to the core features and usage process of the data umbrella, help you get a basic understanding of the Data Security Guard.

Click Try now to enter the Data Security Guard authorization page (if the tenant Administrator has been authorized, then direct access to the Data Security Guard Home page ).

Enter the authorization page

Only the tenant Administrator can authorize the provision of Data Security Guard.

Logon Data Security Guard

Log in to the Data Security Guard, as shown in the following page:

No. Name Description
1 Function menu bar The current user has the right to be visible to the function module, includes DataStudio, Data Quality, Data Integration, DataService Studio, Operation Center, Data Management and Data Security Guard.
2 User Information Currently logged in, you can view and edit user information, including mailbox, phone, AccessKeyID, and AccessKeySecret.
3 Navigation Bar Corresponding to the navigation bar of the function menu, different function modules correspond to different left navigation bars.
4 Home
  • The tenant has added data in the last week.
  • All access data for nearly one week, nearly one month, nearly three months of access trends.
  • New data risk nearly a week.
  • The amount of discovery and completion of all risks for nearly one week, nearly one month, and nearly three months.
5 start page switch Click start page to switch to the start page to view the product introduction information.