Alibaba Cloud WAF provides three subscription plans for a variety of business scenarios. These plans are Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

Generally, we recommend that you consider the Business or Enterprise plan to build a relatively strict security environment. The following table gives a brief overview of the differences between all Alibaba Cloud WAF subscription plans.

Features/Plans Pro Business Enterprise
Applicable websites Websites of small and medium businesses that have no special security requirements Medium enterprise websites that open services to the Internet users and focus on enhanced data security to secure business operations Medium or large enterprise websites that handle large-scale transactions and have customized security requirements
Maximum requests per second (QPS) 2,000 QPS 5,000 QPS Above 10,000 QPS
Maximum bandwidth for Alibaba Cloud origin servers (Mbps) 50 100 200
Maximum bandwidth for non-Alibaba Cloud origin servers (Mbps) 10 30 50
Protecting against common web attacks such as SQL injection and XSS
Automatically updating protection rules against Web 0-day vulnerabilities
Mitigating (Non-API) HTTP flood attacks
Enabling HTTPS for your website
Configuring IP/URL blacklist and whitelist for access control
Protecting against targeted Web attacks such as penetration testing
Webpage tamper-proofing
Inspecting and blocking malicious registration
Advanced HTTP access control based on most common HTTP request header fields such as UA and Referer
Protecting non-standard ports other than 80, 8080, 443, and 8443 ×
Retrieving web access logs of the last 30 days ×
Note Not supported for international region. Consider the Enterprise plan.
Rated-based access control that can limit the number of requests per specified time interval ×
Geolocation-based access control that can block all requests from the specified region ×
Mitigating (API) HTTP flood attacks ×
Protecting sensitive data such as identity card number, mobile phone number, and bank card number
Customizing protection rules by security experts × ×
Security consulting services × ×
Data visualization
Note Not support for international region. Consider the Business or Enterprise plan.
  • China Mainland: 499 USD per month
  • International: 299 USD per month
  • China Mainland: 1,399 USD per month
  • International: 599 USD per month
  • China Mainland: 4,999 USD per month
  • International: 2,999 USD per month