When you purchase WAF, we recommend that you use the Business Edition or Enterprise Edition.

These two editions can meet service scale and security requirements of most websites. The following table describes the features of business edition and enterprise edition and differences between them.

Function/Edition Pro Business Enterprise
Applicable site scale Websites of the small and medium enterprises that have no special security requirements. Websites of medium enterprise-class that open services to the Internet users and focus on enhanced data security requirements to secure business operations. Websites of medium and large enterprises that deal on a large scale and have customized security requirements.
Service request peak value (QPS) 2,000 5,000 More than 10,000
Service bandwidth for origins inside Alibaba Cloud (Mbps) 50 100 200
Service bandwidth for origins outside Alibaba Cloud (Mbps) 10 30 50
Common Web attack protection (for example, protection against SQL injection and XSS)
Automatic update of the protection rules against Web 0-day vulnerability attacks
HTTP flood attacks (Non-API) mitigation
One-click HTTPS protection
IP address/URL blacklist and whitelist
Directional Web attacks (for example, penetration test)
Web page tamper-proofing
Malicious registration
Advanced HTTP access control (fine-grained control over fields such as UA and Referer)
Protection for ports other than ports 80, 8080, 443, and 8443 ×
Intelligent retrieval of access logs ×
For the WAF instance of the Global region, you must upgrade it to the Enterprise version.
Access control at user-defined frequency over URL addresses ×
IP address access control based on geographical locations (one-click blocking of foreign access) ×
HTTP flood attacks (API) mitigation ×
Anti-leak feature (to safeguard the sensitive data such as identity card numbers, mobile phone numbers, and bank card numbers)
Professional customization of enterprise-class Web protection rules × ×
Professional one-to-one service × ×
For the WAF instance of the Global region, you must upgrade it to the Business or Enterprise version.