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Shopping Cart Promotion

Purchase Global Accelerator, select any recommended solution and product, and enjoy an additional discount! This discount can be used with all single product offers (excluding offers greater than 40% off).
This promotion only applies when there are four or more items in your shopping cart (each GA component is considered as a single item).
Yearly Purchase Enjoy discounts for the entire year

$1000 off if yearly purchase reaches $5000

$2000 off if yearly purchase reaches $8000

$4500 off if yearly purchase reaches $15000

Monthly Purchase Enjoy discounts in the first month

$75 off if yearly purchase reaches $500

$160 off if yearly purchase reaches $800

$375 off if yearly purchase reaches $1500

Products on Offer
Global Accelerator (GA)
Benefiting from the high-quality bandwidth and global transmission networks that are provided by Alibaba Cloud, Global Accelerator enables nearby access to the Internet and cross-region deployment of applications, improving the global availability and performance of Internet services.

GA instance (Required)

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Basic bandwidth (Required)

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Cross-region bandwidth (Optional)

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Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Protects against malicious activities and attacks, such as SQL intrusions, XSS cross-site script, malicious bot access. WAF can mitigate HTTP flood attacks and guarantee the security and availability of your website.

Received high praise from Gartner, Forrester, Frost and Sullivan, and IDC.
Cloud DNS
Provides a stable, fast, secure, and smart DNS resolution management service for all types of domain names.

Covers 6 continents and 87 countries/regions. It accelerates the DNS resolution service by returning the optimal IP addresses to users.

Records changes are propagated to global DNS servers within 1 to 10 seconds.
Global Traffic Manager (GTM)
Uses the DNS smart resolution and the application service's running status health check to direct the user access request to the most appropriate IP address, implement server load balance, failover, and disaster deployment of application services.

Allows you to perform health checks on domestic and overseas application services respectively. Any failure is prone to trigger a switchover.
Single Product Offers
Global Accelerator Free Trial
Enterprises that successfully complete real-name registration can enjoy a 1-month free trial of:

Small I/Small II instances

2-4 MB basic bandwidth plans

2-4 MB cross-region bandwidth plans

Global Traffic Manager Free Trial
Enterprises that successfully complete real-name registration can enjoy a 1-month free trial of:

First Global Traffic Management instance

Original price $20.00 USD / month

Manage all traffic to one service to for faster disaster recovery response

Global Acceleration Small I instance
Applicable to cross-region acceleration services on Alibaba Cloud from a single region

Global Acceleration Small I instance (90% discount)

Can be used with any bandwidth plan below 20 MB

Discounted to $16.00 USD /month

Original price $165.00 USD/month

90% OFF

Contact Us for More Product Demos and Free Trials
Free trial consultation of GA and GTM for personal account users and additional security product trials for enterprise users are available. Contact us to learn more >

Global Acceleration Solution Online Launch

Watch the launch of Global Acceleration Solution where our experts will share the best practices of building a network with Alibaba Cloud

Offer Terms and Conditions

If a user has multiple accounts, only one account is eligible for this promotion.

Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to change or cancel the terms of this promotion at any time, and reserves the final interpretation right of this activity.


1. How do I obtain the discount?

You can get the full discount by adding over four products from GA instance, basic bandwidth plan, cross-region acceleration package, WAF, DNS, and GTM onto your shopping cart, and the total amount of the cart should exceed a specified amount.

2. Can I combine the single product offer with the shopping cart discount?

Yes, you can enjoy both other discounts and this shopping cart promotion except for some special offers that have provided 40% off (such as global acceleration small I instance, which has provided 90% off).

3. Can I also enjoy this offer for renewal and configuration changes?

No, this offer is only applicable to new purchases. Renewals, rescaling (up or down), and any activity other than new purchases are not applicable.

4. Could I get additional discounts if I purchase more?

Yes, this offer allows you to combine the same type of discount when your purchase reaches a specified amount. For instance, if the total amount is $2,400, you can apply the $160 off $800 discount for a total number of three times, which gives you a total discount of $480. On the contrary, if the total amount is only $2,300, you can only apply the $375 off $1,500 discount once. You cannot combine this discount with the $160 off $800 discount, even though the total amount is $2,300. You can combine a coupon up to 10 times at most.

5. How do I upgrade to an enterprise account if I selected a personal account during registration?

Currently, users are not allowed to upgrade their accounts by themselves. You can submit a ticket on the console and let our after-sales support team assist you.

6. Can customers of resellers join this campaign?

The offers do not apply to purchases made at third-party resellers currently.