Community Blog Wyingo Makes Overseas Shopping as Smooth as Silk with Alibaba Cloud

Wyingo Makes Overseas Shopping as Smooth as Silk with Alibaba Cloud

This article introduces Wyingo and explains some of their cross-border e-commerce strategies.

By Alibaba Cloud Storage

Seizing good opportunities to seek policies is important for business development. The cross-border e-commerce market is bursting with potential under the deep integration of global economic and trade integration.

1. "Silk Road" in Ancient Times While "Overseas Surrogate Shopping"

The ancestors were also keen on shopping. They enjoyed many foreign imported goods. Zhang Qian is known as the first person of overseas shopping, opening up the Eurasian Silk Road. Since then, camel groups of merchants loaded with silk, porcelain, and tea started the journey and returned with jewelry, spices, and leather goods. While expanding the external traffic arteries, the Tang Dynasty also had good maritime transportation.

By the early 21st century, cross-border e-commerce was gradually emerging. The goods imported through cross-border e-commerce were original versions sold abroad. Many people will choose cross-border e-commerce as their first choice if they want to get hot items from overseas. According to the statistics of PayPal, the United States, China, Japan, and Western Europe have gradually formed a huge e-commerce market scale. From the perspective of cross-border B2C e-commerce scale alone, the Asia-Pacific region has the largest transaction volume, accounting for about 30% of the global share.

2. Migrate to the Cloud on the Sea, Balanced Distribution of All Channels

Founded in 2015, Wyingo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wyingo) is a Japanese cross-border e-commerce service provider that has settled in Tmall International and other cross-border e-commerce platforms.


Wyingo has also deployed an independent online store to accumulate high-quality private network traffic and provide customers with Japanese products. Wyingo can deliver direct mail from Japan and reach Chinese consumers within a week.


Gong Xiaoyue, CIO of Wyingo, mentioned all logistics customs clearance has been systematically connected with customs to accelerate the process and improve the shopping experience. All goods and order data will be declared with the customs, and all tax rates and taxes will be made public. The customs clearance meets the supervision requirements of the customs and achieves 100% compliance of cross-border business through the 9610 mode of customs declaration.

The page view of online stores and the volume of transactions will rise as the scale of the business continues to grow. After preliminary consultation and investigation, Wyingo adopted Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) to manage the store better.

Solution Architecture

Object Storage Service (OSS) provides a unified data storage pool for online store data surge and unified data admission. Operators store product images, promotional posters, brand logos, logs, and other data on OSS. Then they can convert the image format, resize, crop, rotate, and add watermarks to the images.

Object Storage Service (OSS) provides native transmission acceleration functions, including upload acceleration and download acceleration, and improves the experience of uploading and downloading cross-border and cross-ocean data. It ensures that users can log on to and access the online store quickly and solves the problem that commodity pictures cannot be displayed due to IP address blocking, thus improving customer satisfaction and retention rate.

3. Accelerate the Global Layout, Start a New Trend of Overseas Shopping

E-commerce changes the physical distance of cross-border gradually to zero, while the number of consumers and the types of goods are increasing, giving birth to a broad market space. In recent years, the new trade business, represented by cross-border e-commerce, has shown rapid development. Especially in 2020, after the effects of the pandemic, its advantages of online transactions continue to play and became an important channel for import and export enterprises to expand overseas markets. In the future, Wyingo will seize the opportunities of the times, accelerate the pace of globalization, and allow consumers in more countries to buy their favorite products from overseas.

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