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Animal Logic: Build a One-Stop Data Archiving and Backup Solution on the Cloud

This article introduces Animal Logic and discusses their archiving and backup solution.

By Alibaba Cloud Storage

1. Enterprise Introduction

Animal Logic is a film and television related enterprise. At the beginning of its establishment in 1991, Animal Logic mainly developed in the television advertising, titles, and patented software research and development fields. Animal Logic currently has four departments: Commercials, Play, Film, and Research. Its business involves digital media, such as films, television, computer games, and the Internet. Film has become the central business of Animal Logic, and the film department occupies one-third of the employees and business volume of the enterprise. Animal Logic Film has participated behind-the-scenes in films, including The Matrix (1999), Hero (2002), The Quiet American (2002), Swimming Upstream (2003), Moulin Rouge (2001), Happy Feet (2006), Stealth (2005), Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010), and many more.


2. Business Scenarios Introduction

As a visual effects production enterprise, Animal Logic consumes a lot of computing and storage resources for rendering production and data storage. During the peak period of visual effects production, 150 TB of data is generated every day. The enterprise needs a high-performance, safe, and reliable cloud platform to back up and transfer data. On the one hand, the data needs to be stored for a long time. On the other hand, the data needs to be readily accessed at any time, with higher flexibility and lower cost.

3. Pain Points

Large Amounts of Data Are Generated. Unified Storage and Archiving Become a Problem.

Due to the construction scale and O&M capabilities of its data center, a large amount of new data is generated every day and stored for a long time. Ensuring the instant storage and real-time call of data can bring challenges to the IT department. At the same time, a large number of unified backup of offline services also need to be considered in parallel, which puts forward higher requirements for the overall data security of the solution.

High Business Resilience, Resulting in Difficulty in the Elastic Ratio of Resources

In different periods of film and television production, the amount of data in the business varies substantially. Learning how to flexibly cope with different data pressures during peak business periods and realize resource allocation are challenges for the IT department. At the same time, due to the different business production cycles and demand, when the business volume is relatively small, we also need to reduce the amount of data storage to achieve cost savings.

4. Alibaba Cloud Storage Solution

Alibaba Cloud has built a one-stop data archiving and backup solution in response to the need for unified data storage and high-concurrency and high-elasticity storage services for Animal Logic in film and television rendering.

  • Data Archiving Solution: It provides a large amount of storage resources through Object Storage Service (OSS) and provides NFS upload and download services with CSG network management. It can achieve the storage of 150 TB of data per day and provides data reliability of 12 nines. The multi-version function of OSS can turn back time, prevent business logic errors, and improve the application-level anti-risk capability of Animal Logic. At the same time, the transfer acceleration and hot and cold storage separation functions provided by Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) help Animal Logic maximize cost savings without affecting data reading.
  • Data Storage and Backup Solution: Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Backup Recovery (HBR) can help Animal Logic meet the requirement of daily backup because it provides a high data deduplication rate of 28:1. It solves the problems of long backup time and hard to manage backup tasks.
  • Auto Scaling, Pay-as-You-go Usage: The archive and backup solutions of Alibaba Cloud storage are used on a pay-as-you-go basis. Animal Logic can use the required resources as needed without maintaining a complex underlying architecture. At the same time, all products are auto scaling by volume. When the business needs become small, you can shrink the scales and save the overall cost.

5. The Effect Achieved

The data archiving and backup solution of Alibaba Cloud unified storage helps Animal Logic achieve time, cost, security, and efficiency improvements throughout the entire chain of data storage, management, and backup. It reduces the comprehensive operating cost by approximately 50%.

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