Community Blog See How ApsaraVideo Helped Make Record-Breaking Sales during Lazada's Super Show and Live Shopping

See How ApsaraVideo Helped Make Record-Breaking Sales during Lazada's Super Show and Live Shopping

Read this blog to see how ApsaraVideo helped make record-breaking sales during Lazada's super show and related live shopping events on Double 11.

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By the Alibaba Cloud Video Cloud Team

In more ways than one, Double 11 has become a global phenomenon. On November 10, 2019, the Lazada Super Show, which was part of the platform's 11.11 event, broadcasted across southeast Asia, including in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. The show was viewed on several local TV channels alongside several online and mobile platforms, attracting some 13 million viewers, which is certainly an astonishing feat.


This year, Taobao's live shopping module has been implemented in several markets outside of China mainland, meaning that merchants and shoppers in six different southeast Asia countries have been starting to use Alibaba's signature live shopping system for the very first time. On the big day, there were over 1,000 live streams in Thailand, and a four-hour GUESS IT! King interactive live stream attracted over 1.1 million views. Copper, a well-known Thai brand of women's clothing, achieved 100 times the average daily sales also thanks to this live shopping module.

Be it a super fun-packed Tmall party offering the ultimate in entertainment, or a gathering of TV celebrities in a Taobao live stream, or the Lazada Super Show itself, Alibaba's strong system of technological support was crucial in making this all possible. Alibaba Cloud's ApsaraVideo team put a series of optimizations into effect before the big event to ensure that all of the live streaming events to be hosted on Lazada could be as smooth as silk.

In particular, Alibaba Cloud prepared the following:

  • Alibaba built a live streaming center in Singapore and another one in Indonesia, so that live streams can be broadcast from either live center based on the network access and geographic locations of the casters, guaranteeing the reliability and availability of the network connections and links.
  • Through the use of the user datagram protocol (UDP) and a congestion control algorithm, Alibaba Cloud worked hard to prevent any possible network congestion caused by invalid data transmissions. This makes cross-border data transmissions more stable, reducing live stream buttering or freezing issues. Compared with transmission control protocol (TCP)-based live broadcasts, UDP-based ones have 30% lower end-to-end latency and a 40% lower freezing rate.
  • Alibaba Cloud ApsaraVideo real-time streaming (RTS) ultra-low latency service helped to monitor and pertinently optimize several different live streaming metrics, realizing end-to-end latency in live broadcasting less than a second.
  • Alibaba Cloud was able to offer a better user experience by adopting integrated end-to-end solutions that can greatly reduce the chance of freezing and buffering through smart algorithms.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud's overseas Content Delivery Network (CDN) is cooperating with more than 60 local Internet service providers (ISPs) to support thousands of Chinese enterprises seeking to enter the international market, and for customers outside of China looking for high-quality, wide-coverage, and reliable CDN services. Alibaba Cloud ApsaraVideo services, including ApsaraVideo VOD, ApsaraVideo Live, and ApsaraVideo for Media Processing, are available through Alibaba Cloud Media Centers outside of mainland China, in particular Singapore, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, the UK and the US.

Over the past year, Alibaba Cloud ApsaraVideo was ranked by several independent ranking authorities as the leader of the Chinese video cloud market, thanks to its large portfolio of products, network capacities, as well as its encoding, decoding, and transcoding capacity, and its market share and overall good ratings. Alibaba Cloud ApsaraVideo provided crucial technical support for the live broadcasting of a series of major events including China's 70th Anniversary Parade, the League of Legends S9 Global Finals, the Jakarta Asian Games, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

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