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Lagou Uses Function Compute to Build an Online Programming System

This article explains how Lagou leverages Function Compute.

Function Compute (FC) meets the requirements of Internet programming education perfectly, teaching courses in a multi-dimensional way and inputting code to return the execution results in real-time to realize interactive learning.

Lagou (Beijing Lagou Network Technology Co., Ltd. affiliates) is a recruitment website focusing on Internet career opportunities. Relying on many high-quality Internet resources, it publishes recruitment information in the circle to provide humanized, personalized, and professional information services for job seekers. It helps high-quality talents and outstanding enterprises meet. Lagou has a young team that loves the Internet. They treat this as their responsibility and are committed to building the most professional Internet recruitment platform.

Lagou Education (a brand of Beijing Lagou Network Technology Co., Ltd) is a "practical university" to help Internet professionals communicate and improve their technical abilities. A series of courses and services have been jointly developed to provide learning opportunities for professionals in the Internet industry based on Lagou's experience in the Internet talent service industry. Lagou Education has set up "columns" and "training camps." Its courses cover the research and development, product, design, operation, and marketing fields.

New Requirements

Among the numerous courses in Lagou Education, one of the sub-areas is programming education, which teaches programming courses in trending fields in the form of pictures, text, audio, and video. The biggest feature of the course is interactive learning, which helps learners gain a better mastery of their respective fields through real-time interactions and practical exercises. Therefore, the online programming system is the core, which ensures the online input of various programming language codes can be returned in real-time. The system has three features:

  1. It supports multiple programming language runtimes: Lagou Education programming courses involve multiple programming languages and technical frameworks. The courses need a system that supports multiple runtimes and can add other programming language runtimes quickly and easily.
  2. It supports a large number of concurrent requests: Lagou Education has a large number of high-quality teacher-student resources, and tens of thousands of students are learning each course. Therefore, this online programming system is required to support large concurrent requests at the customer-level.
  3. Security: The system will not crash or affect other businesses due to the learner's incorrect code (such as an endless loop) or a hacker's malicious code.


Alibaba Cloud's serverless platform, Function Compute (FC), solves many pain points of Lagou. With FC, you only need to write the logic for executing different programming languages and upload the code. FC can be triggered over HTTP or an event to execute service logic and respond to your requests. FC seamlessly connects to Alibaba Cloud services, such as Object Storage Service (OSS)API GatewayLog ServiceMessage Service (MNS) queue, and Tablestore, helping you build applications quickly.


  1. It supports multiple programming language runtimes: FC supports Java, Python, Node.js, Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP), and Net Core. It also supports using the custom container to build runtimes of other languages, such as the Go custom runtime, Ruby custom runtime, and PowerShell custom runtime.
  2. It features high elasticity and high availability: If a system with traditional servers needs to support high concurrency, it must increase the number of machines. However, in traffic burst scenarios or traffic tidal current scenarios, the bounce speed of the machine is relatively slow. FC uses the reserved instance model and the pay-as-you-go model to eliminate cold start to pull instances within hundreds of milliseconds. FC can also configure a single instance to process multiple requests concurrently. Then, it can pull up instances quickly in burst traffic scenarios and scale out the system to handle traffic peaks smoothly.
  3. It provides sound security protection mechanisms: FC sets security as the highest priority in every aspect of its product and system design. The isolation protection of your program running in FC is on the same level as Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS). FC runs independently at the virtual machine level, which is not a container. It also provides complete protection for network, data, code, and Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

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Function Compute (FC) is an event-driven and fully-managed serverless computing service. By using FC, you can write and upload code without managing infrastructures, such as servers. FC provides computing resources and runs code flexibly and reliably. We provide free serverless computing power support for all our customers, including function calls one million times per month and 400,000 (Capacity Unit-second) function instances.

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