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Alibaba Cloud Serverless | Serverless App Engine · Toolchain and Deployment

In this episode, we'll introduce Serverless App Engine's support for commonly used toolchains.

For developers, what is their biggest concern when facing a new concept or technology?
I believe most people would say the change in work habits, because habits often represent efficiency.

For example, if you were originally using Jenkins and had to switch to a new platform that doesn't support Jenkins, you would certainly feel very uncomfortable and even have some instinctive resistance to the change.

This is also a problem that Serverless App Engine (SAE) values ​​very much in its design process. We hope that SAE is a low-threshold product that allows users to migrate smoothly without having to change their original work habits.

Hello and welcome to this episode of Cloud Forward. In this episode, we'll introduce SAE's support for commonly used toolchains, which will match your original work habits as much as possible and lower the threshold for using SAE.

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Alibaba Cloud Function Compute (FC) is a FaaS product that is an event-driven, fully managed computing service.

Serverless App Engine (SAE) is the first Serverless PaaS platform for applications in the industry. SAE shields the complexity of underlying IaaS and Kubernetes and provides zero-code transformation, cost-effective, and high-efficiency application hosting solutions to help users achieve Serverless transformation for monolithic web applications, microservices, and scheduled tasks.

Alibaba Cloud took the lead in the industry and launched the Serverless Container Service - Alibaba Cloud Serverless Kubernetes (ASK), which is based on Elastic Container Instance (ECI) and can scale up to 2,000 Pods in 1 minute.

This series provides a comprehensive introduction to Alibaba Cloud Serverless products, including the design concepts, technical concepts, product usage, and best practices for Function Compute (FC) and Serverless Application Engine (SAE), allowing learners to fully understand Serverless technology and master the skills of using Serverless.

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Alibaba Cloud Serverless

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Alibaba Cloud Serverless

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