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Last Updated: Dec 14, 2018

How do I create SCC instances?

There are two ways to create SCC instances:

  • If you only want to use RDMA, create an SCC server instance on the ECS console.


  • If you want to use HPC scheduler and cluster scaling-in or scaling-out service in addition to RDMA, create a SCC cluster on the E-HPC console to create SCC instances.

How are SCC instances billed?

Only the Subscription pricing model is supported.

How do I create a SCC cluster through E-HPC?

You can create a SCC cluster on the E-HPC console or by using the CreateCluster interface.

When creating a SCC cluster, note that:

  • Available zones are limited to China East 2 (Shanghai) Zone B and China East 2 (Shanghai) Zone D.

  • Subscription pricing model is used.


How is SCC RDMA used?

By using Alibaba Cloud’s SCC image that supports RDMA RoCE driver and OFED stack, you can use SCC RDMA through IB verbs APIs and manage RDMA communication through MPIs.