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Virtual Real-Time Experiencing E-Learning: Children Education System Improvement

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Project Introduction

Due to the global Covid-19 outbreak, we are facing many new problems in our day-to-day life, everywhere around the world. To help slow down the spread, new policies such as lockdown protocols were introduced in order to better enforce social distancing in communities. These policies have changed our lives, one way or another, forcing us to adapt by changing the way we go about our daily lives, such as through remote work and online education.

Therefore, to help improve the education system for our children, we have implemented online learning classes for students. We developed our platform with the hopes of helping students and teachers affected by the "new normal," and we aim to make E-learning more accessible for people around the world.

Target Problems

We aim to implement a virtual background that displays the classroom environment and to utilize three-dimensional neural networks for audio-visual matching recognition systems. Extracting a good quality background matting is quite a difficult task. Here, we initially train the dataset of the background images with unsupervised learning algorithms. Audio-visual matching is a technique, which greatly helps to clearly understand the conversation between students and teachers without any external noises. The students and teachers can experience a virtual but real-time experience in online E-learning classes.


To create a user-friendly and interesting E-learning environment, we tried to implement a virtual background as the foremost step in this process. The perfect matting of the classroom background image with the object image should be done. That person is attending the class may be in-home or any other place. We practically ask the user to upload the background of their location without their presence and then utilizing the deep neural network with an adversarial loss to predict the matter. We are processing the input image and background image to determine the correct blending of background, foreground, segmentation and video.


Alibaba Cloud Products Used

We have used the following products by Alibaba Cloud for this project.


Machine Learning Platform for AI provides end-to-end machine learning services, including data processing, feature engineering, model training, model prediction, and model evaluation. Machine Learning Platform for AI combines all of these services to make AI more accessible than ever.

We have used PAI in the following ways.

  • We created a project to manage resources, permissions, and experiments.
  • We have uploaded the dataset to MaxCompute from Object Storage Service (OSS) and configured the data source.
  • We have done data preprocessing with raw data to generate model training sets and model prediction.
  • We used data visualization and Algorithm modelling to create algorithm modelling and generated a training model.
  • Finally, by using model evaluation we used the trained model to make predictions of model prediction sets to evaluate the precision of the model.

Simple Application Server

Simple Application Server is a new generation computing service for stand-alone application scenarios. It provides one-click application deployment and supports all-in-one services such as domain name resolution, website publishing, security, O&M, and application management.

We have used a Simple Application server in the following ways

  • We purchased a simple Application with the Plesk Console plugin.
  • Simple Application Server with Plesk Plugin is pre-installed with Apache server, PHP and MySQL.
  • We have created a web application for virtual learning with PHP as the frontend and Mysql as the database.
  • Finally, we have deployed our application in the Simple Application Server of Alibaba Cloud.


We purchased an .xyz domain from Alibaba Cloud at a cost of $0.18 and mapped the simple application server with the domain name purchase from Alibaba Cloud.

Technology Highlights

Our project proposes a reliable accessible e-learning environment, which primarily alleviates all the challenges faced by online learners our approach can greatly enhance the communication skill development clear understanding of conversation between teachers and students at establishing a virtual school background this has much better performance both in integrating the upper body movement, facial expressions and concerning speech recognition into 3D Avatar characters. These techniques have much better performance in background matting as well as bringing out a virtual character by analyzing the behavior of humans. The 3D characters carry out the live conversation between students and teachers, which relays on the live video of class taken by teacher and students. We firmly believe that this gives the best environment for online learning users and consumers.

About the Team

Mr.S. Gavaskar works as Cloud/Software Consultant in GM Software, Nagercoil, India. He is an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) in Alibaba Cloud with more 100+ Clouder certification and five Associate Certification in Cloud Computing, Cloud Security, Enterprise Database Cloud Transformation Architect, Cloud-Native and Bigdata He got "DevOps Engineer Certification" From Alibaba Cloud. He is Oracle Academy Certified Trainer for Oracle Certification Courses.

Ms. R. Jeny is currently working as a Technical Assistant in YMCA Nagercoil. Experience as a Software Developer in software design, analysis, development, testing and implementation of web and client server applications using Microsoft Technologies. Hands on in application development using with C#, Web Forms in ASP.NET using C# as the code-behind language. Extensive experience in the design and development of applications using .NET and Web technologies like XML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript and HTML in n-tier architecture.

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