Community Blog Mental Heal Life: AI Consultation and Professional Booking Website

Mental Heal Life: AI Consultation and Professional Booking Website

This project is from team hore, which was awarded with the Innovation Award in the PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023.

This project is from team hore, which was awarded with the Innovation Award in the PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023.

Project Introduction

Mental Heal Life is a free AI consult and professional booking website to help you improve your mental health. You can make an appointment with a professional or chat with our AI for personalized support.


Project Value

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on people's mental health, and numerous studies have documented a significant decline in mental health since the outbreak.

Stress levels have been particularly affected by the pandemic, with various factors contributing to increased stress, such as economic factors like job loss and financial uncertainty.

These issues have created a pressing need to understand the mental health impacts of the pandemic and to develop effective interventions to mitigate the negative effects of Covid-19 on mental health.

Therefore, the objective of this research is to identify the factors contributing to the decline in mental health since Covid-19 and to explore potential solutions to support individuals' mental well-being during these challenging times.


The primary objective of this project is to address the challenges related to mental health faced by the wider community. To accomplish this, we have developed a platform that provides individuals with two options for seeking help.

The first option involves booking professional staff who are trained and qualified to discuss mental health concerns directly. They will offer guidance and support to help individuals manage and cope with their problems. These professionals are available to engage with individuals either in-person or through virtual sessions.

Alternatively, individuals can opt to use our AI chatbot. Our AI chatbot is designed to provide individuals with a safe space to express their thoughts and feelings while receiving personalized support. The chatbot uses natural language processing to analyze the user's messages and respond with appropriate guidance and resources.

Technology Highlights

For this project, I have chosen to use PolarDB for MySQL as the primary database solution. PolarDB for MySQL is a fully-managed, cloud-native database service that provides high performance, scalability, and availability.

In addition to using PolarDB for MySQL, I have also implemented Redis as a caching layer to improve the performance of my application.

By combining PolarDB for MySQL and Redis, I can ensure that my application has a high-performance, reliable, and scalable database solution that can meet the demands of my users. With these technologies in place, I can provide my users with a fast, responsive, and reliable application that meets their needs and expectations.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

About the Developer

Team Hore was built by Akhmad Rifki Maulana, a web developer and CMS developer who has a lot of experience building websites for clients around the world. For more information, please visit https://akhmad.my.id

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