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What Is Education 4.0?

We've seen a hype around Industry 4.0 in the past few years and now we are seeing some progress made around Education 4.0.

By Akshay Shah, Alibaba Cloud MVP

During the past few years there has been a hype around Industry 4.0, now we are seeing some progress made also around Education 4.0, so what exactly is this Education 4.0? Please read along as I try to de-jargon 'Education 4.0' for you¡­.

So very similar to Industry 4.0, Education 4.0 is also all about inclusion. By inclusion I mean stakeholder, resources, technology & individuals. It's a fusion of sorts where learning will be on-demand, customized, fast and the medium of instruction will be of the choice & convenience of the participants.

The good part is that The National Education Policy 2019 Draft mentions and covers all of this and more. This is really encouraging as it's the need of the hour, however, policy implementation is what we will have to look at and focus on. Like its said by all management practioners globally 'Well begun is half done' ¨C So the start looks good but we need to focus and get this going¡­And if you still have any doubts on why do we need this? ¨C India has over 300 million students ¨C which is the size of the population of USA ¨C We have over 39 million students in higher education and as everyone is aware the median age of an Indian is between 25 to 28.

With learning slowly but surely graduating to outcome based rather than rote degrees and with Indians starting to adopt and embrace e-Learning ¨C I see the next decade of Education 4.0 belonging to India & Indians and I see the Alibaba Cloud stack at the forefront here. Alibaba Cloud products including Computing products, Networking, Storage, AI, Private Cloud, along with Big Data and Database services will be in demand.

Recently I had the privilege to be a part of a 2 week exclusive MDP Program for Entrepreneurs at IIM Lucknow (Noida Campus) courtesy SIDBI and what I experienced was world class education. If we get most of these teachers online, trust me India can become the Learning capital for the world. Our teachers, at-least our top IIM and IIT faculties are second to none and have the wherewithal to teach a global audience & with Education 4.0 all we need is a gadget and connectivity and you go live within seconds and the best part is all of this is paid, so you decide what you want to earn this hour, go online via an Edtech aggregator, students will accept and agree to pay for your time and effort and there you go ¨C It's that simple you see¡­.True Demand-Supply what we learn in all management schools live in action.

Education 4.0 is not just killing boundaries and geographies but its giving education a new paradigm shift, it's a true watershed moment for the Education industry as one can get quality education on-demand at the click of a button. The power of simplicity, convenience & comfort is what makes Education 4.0 inevitable and mind you if you feel its only for the 'Students' re-think on this. In today's world all of us are 'Students for Life' as unless we un-learn & re-skill ourselves in our respective fields we will be obsolete and incapable in a matter of a few years And its not just humans whom we are competing with or fighting for jobs, it's the very intelligent 'Robots' and so called 'Bots' & 'Humanoids' who are taking over our workplace and mind you if you think they are just for mundane repetitive jobs please re-look at the landscape. They are coming and are coming hard at each one of us - Right from repetitive to intelligent jobs they are being trained and prepared to take on everything under the sun and automation & robots play a very important role in Education 4.0. IOT is an inherent part and its going to be both thrilling & challenging in the coming decade. The ET Brain, Big Data, AI and IOT products of Alibaba Cloud will pave the way for an exciting future for our children & faculties. The Elastic Computing products of Alibaba Cloud shall be the way forward for most educational institutions going forward.

Last but not the least, trust me here, Education 4.0 is all about survival of the fittest where the mediocre, whether a teacher or a student will be thrown out of the lane. What we are going to experience in this new decade is super-fast quality learning, quality teaching, quality students & quality human.

About the Author

Akshay Shah is the Founder CEO of iWeb Technology Solutions and also an MVP at Alibaba Cloud. iWeb is an Edtech Cloud ERP Company. iWeb digitizes Indian Universities, Colleges & Schools on a unique FREEMIUM Model. Akshay was inspired by SAP and hence started-up from college to make an Indian SAP Product company. He has a 2 decade strong Indian Industry digitization experience. iWeb focusses on the Edtech sector and is India focussed. Akshay's ultimate aim is to get a 100 million students on his platform and is an avid implementer of the MakeinIndia, DigitalIndia and GoCashless programs of the Government.

Alibaba Cloud Online Education solution offers you a suite of powerful cloud-based services to develop, implement, and deliver digital media content, and enables you to build cost-effective online education platforms to rapidly launch and expand your business with a vision to provide best learning education to the world. Learn more at https://www.alibabacloud.com/solutions/online-education

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