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BabyNoCry: An Innovative AI Baby Monitor

This project is from team AliCloudHackers, which was awarded the First Prize in the Alibaba Cloud Singapore AI Hackathon.

This project is from team AliCloudHackers, which was awarded the First Prize in the Alibaba Cloud Singapore AI Hackathon.


Project Introduction

Our project introduces an innovative AI baby monitor that leverages advanced sound, speech, and sentiment recognition technologies to vigilantly monitor and safeguard infants, providing real-time updates and insights to parents, even when they're away.

Project Value

The core benefit of our project lies in providing unparalleled peace of mind to working parents by ensuring the safety and well-being of their infants with real-time alerts for crying, loud noises, and the nature of interactions around their babies. When any of these events happen, parents will receive an instant notification with the identified sounds, a transcript of the conversations around the baby, sentiment analysis, and an actual audio recording of the occurrence. Moreover, it integrates these alerts into a user-friendly dashboard, offering a summary of the baby's day for quick parental review.


Our AI baby monitor is equipped with advanced sound recognition, speech analysis, and video recognition algorithms that perform initial checks on the device to detect key sounds such as a baby crying, alarms, or loud background noise. Once these sounds are identified, the corresponding audio is sent to the cloud for further analysis. Utilizing Alibaba Cloud's speech-to-text capabilities, we convert audio into text for deeper analysis, which includes sentiment analysis and identification of specific incidents. The results, which include a classification of detected sounds, transcribed speech, sentiment, and the original audio files, are then integrated into a user-friendly dashboard. This provides parents with a comprehensive overview and detailed insights into their baby's environment, giving them the knowledge and assurance to know exactly what's happening with their child.

Technology Highlights

In the development of our project, we strategically harnessed the capabilities of Alibaba Cloud's suite of services to enhance the functionality and efficiency of our AI baby monitor.

  • Utilizing Alibaba Cloud's Intelligent Speech Interaction, we achieved precise detection and interpretation of speech within audio recordings captured by the monitor.
  • The Platform for AI (PAI) was integral in establishing robust sound recognition capabilities, enabling the identification of various audio sounds including infant cries, alarm sounds, verbal communications, and other significant noises, in addition to conducting sentiment analysis on transcribed speech.
  • To support the seamless processing of both audio and visual data, we deployed our cloud service on Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS), ensuring reliable and scalable computing resources.
  • Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) provided an effective and secure solution for the storage of the audio data collected by the monitor, facilitating efficient data management and accessibility.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

About the Team

  • Carlos Chacon: Hardware/Software Engineer, AI, Semiconductors, Entrepreneur. linkedin.com/in/cchacon
  • Ethan Wei Yuxin: Computer Science Undergraduate (Y2), AI, Product + Strategy. linkedin.com/in/ethan-wei-yuxin
  • Shi Jie Yu: AI/ML Engineer, Full Stack LinkedIn.com/in/sjyuxyz
  • Zhi Hao Ong (Travis): AI/ML Engineer, Back-End + Data. linkedin.com/in/zhi-hao-ong
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