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Translate Jawa: Javanese Language Learning Platform

This project is from team Magical Seven, which was awarded with the Innovation Award in the PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023.

This project is from team Magical Seven, which was awarded with the Innovation Award in the PolarDB Global Hackathon 2023

Project Introduction


Javanese is a rich and fascinating language spoken by the Javanese people who primarily reside in the central and eastern parts of the island of Java in Indonesia. It is one of the most widely spoken languages in Indonesia, with over 75 million speakers worldwide as per data published by Ethnologue in 2015. Javanese language and culture are deeply intertwined, and learning the language can provide you with a better understanding and appreciation of Javanese culture, history, and way of life. According to Swiftkey Riset, Indonesia is the largest trilingual country with the combination of Indonesian/Javanese/English, giving Indonesia the top spot. We are glad to help you learn and understand Javanese.


According to Google Search data, over 550,000 searches are made each month by people looking to learn Javanese.

TranslateJawa.com is a website that aims to help you learn Javanese language digitally. We have digitized over 100,000 words from the Language Center of the Education Ministry of Indonesia. With TranslateJawa.com, you can access a thesaurus dictionary, translate sentences, and learn the nuances of Javanese. Our web app makes it easy for you to discover the beauty of the Javanese language.

Project Value

Social Value:

  1. Cultural Preservation Javanese culture and language are facing competition from the dominant Indonesian language and culture,. By promoting Javanese we can help to preserve this rich cultural heritage for future generations.
  2. Cross-Cultural Understanding We can raise awareness of Javanese culture and encourage cross-cultural understanding and appreciation, fostering tolerance and empathy towards others.
  3. Improved Communication We can improve communication and foster relationships between Javanese communities and other communities, both in Indonesia and abroad.
  4. Personal Growth Learning and promoting Javanese can be a rewarding and enriching personal experience, as it provides opportunities for growth and development of language and cultural skills.
  5. Celebration of Diversity Promoting Javanese helps to celebrate cultural diversity and promote the unique and valuable contributions of Javanese culture to the world.

Business Value:

  1. Tourism Benefits: Promoting Javanese can bring economic benefits, such as increased tourism. Javanese language lessons can be offered as part of cultural tourism packages to enhance visitors' experiences.
  2. Javanese EdTech Platform: In our long-term plans, we want to create a platform where teachers can develop innovative learning resources and online platforms to engage and connect with students who are interested in learning Javanese. Through educational technology, teachers and students can access a range of interactive and immersive tools such as virtual classrooms, online games, and multimedia materials that can make learning Javanese more accessible and engaging.


Here are four easy-to-use tools to help you learn Javanese:

  1. Javanese Dictionary: Learn Javanese language through a dictionary that provides definitions, translations, and explanations of words in the Javanese language.
  2. Javanese Translator: Learn Javanese language by translating words to Javanese. You can translate English, Indonesian, or Chinese to Javanese and vice versa.
  3. Hanacaraka Converter (Javanese Writing Script): Learn the Javanese writing script, Hanacaraka. It is an ancient script used for writing the Javanese language for hundreds of years.
  4. Javanese Course: The Javanese course is designed to help you take your Javanese language skills to the next level. It is taught by professional Javanese teachers who will guide you through the learning process step-by-step, from beginner to advanced levels.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

We use PolarDB for MySQL to store our database which contains over 100,000 words and is still growing.

About the Developer

Hi, I am Ahmad Ridlo Fadlli Robbi. I am a Fullstack Developer from Yogyakarta. Currently, I work for the Government Ministry of Law and Human Rights in Indonesia. In my free time, I enjoy exploring new technology.

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