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HyperMotion Hybrid Cloud Migration: Providing Automated Data Migration

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Project Introduction

OnePro Cloud has helped many enterprises transited to the Cloud in just a few clicks. For the case of Qianhai Equity Exchange, we hot migrated 100+ hosts to Alibaba Cloud with almost zero business interruptions. Through our agentless approach, the customer did not need to install agent at each host. Moreover, by leveraging cloud-native technology, we empowered the customer with automated capabilities, enabling them to complete migration effortlessly. And before fully switching the production, we fully restored the business system to the cloud for a several times as to verify and ensure business stability and reliability. By utilizing cloud native resources, our solution lowered the cost significantly. The customer only needed to spend 1/5 the cost of a conventional cloud migration.

Target Problems

As the development of cloud computing grows rapidly, cloud adoption has become mainstream for enterprises. Data migration and protection are extremely complicated processes, but by using HyperMotion®, it enables enterprises to turn the complex implementation process into an easy one. We productized services into automated tools, help enterprises to reduce complexity and eliminate risks caused by human.

Customer pain points and what we have achieved:

  1. Business continuity: No business outages throughout the migration process.
  2. Migration complexity: By utilizing cloud-native resources and interfaces, it achieved intelligent automated migration.
  3. Business stability and reliability: Before switching the production, users can verify the business system in the cloud repeatedly to experience and achieve Cloud Migration and Cloud Disaster Recovery.
  4. Cost control: Through the rational use of cloud-native resources, the cost for migration can be reduced significantly.


HyperMotion® is based on the Rehost (Lift and shift) approach; combining traditional disaster recovery CDP technology and cloud native concept to achieve whole-system live migration.

HyperMotion® supports both agent and agentless migration. The agentless method mainly supports VMWare and Ceph storage-based OpenStack platform. While the agent method can achieve physical machines, virtual machines and cloud migration.

HyperMotion® also provides REST API interface, which allows easy integration with third-party systems.

Alibaba Cloud Products Used

Technology Highlights

HyperMotion® is a cloud-native migration tool designed to provide seamless automated solutions for enterprises to migrate and protect their valuable asset (Data) in a very simple but efficient manner. Its intelligent management and dynamic adaptation capabilities enable free flow of data across heterogeneous storage platforms. While MotionGear is used for massive data migration under poor network environment.


HyperMotion® applies "Block Level" data protection technology, it replicates the whole volume for initial synchronization, then incremental synchronization for subsequent synchronization; only the changed data will be recorded and snapshot at the point of time. Users can customize the time interval for incremental synchronization according to business needs.


This project used large amount of Alibaba Cloud resources including ECS, RDS, SLB, OSS, Networking products, and more. With its easy to use and affordable natures, it saved much on the cost as well as the effort in implement and deployment.

HyperMotion® adopts cloud storage gateway concept to achieve many-to-one synchronization, thus no could resources needed to be reserved in advance for the synchronization process. Through our preliminary preparation, we analyzed the host/virtual machines at the source, then we conducted architectural design based on the requirements from customer on Alibaba Cloud account, network, and security.

We used Alibaba Cloud AK/SK for account authentication and permission management. And we completed backup (full and incremental), migration and verification of 100+ hosts to Alibaba Cloud by leveraging numerous of its API (CreateInstance, CreateDisk, CreateSnapshot, CreateImage…).

To achieve fast and stable migration, Alibaba Cloud played a very important role; its stable and comprehensive API plus its high-speed undelaying storage enabled us fast and efficient replication capabilities so that we could migrated and verified 100+ of hosts in a flash. Its diversified API spread our wings to provide better solutions and services to our customer, both our team and customer are very impressed.

About the Team

OnePro Cloud Limited a leading Cloud Technology and Service provider; set up in 2017 in Shanghai, China, by a group of IT professionals, united towards helping modern enterprises successfully incorporate cloud technology.

OnePro Cloud believes that cloud transformation is critical for modern businesses because it allows them to be agile, nimble, responsive and competent. Enterprises need effective digital transformation as well as cloud transformation to succeed continuously. OnePro Cloud empowers its clients to capitalize on their investments in cloud technology and supports their continual success.

Ray Sun, the CTO of OnePro Cloud, he is the Ambassador of Ceph Foundation Asia Pacific, Co-founder of Ceph China Community, MVP of Alibaba Cloud, and more. His focus is on Cloud Native development and the evolution of modern infrastructure.

You are welcome to reach out to us at enquiry@oneprocloud.com

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