Community Blog Cloud Forward Episode 2: Cloud-Native Database - PolarDB | Global Database Network

Cloud Forward Episode 2: Cloud-Native Database - PolarDB | Global Database Network

Cross-Region R/W Latency between applications and databases is crucial especially when you are running a global business.

How do international companies starting or running a global business achieve off-site readability of their databases?

How do I sync data between databases?

Hello and welcome to another Cloud Forward episode.

Today, we'll dig deeper into the issue of cross-region read and write latency.

Cross-region read and write latency between applications and databases can cause game lag, slow commodity loading, and abnormal order information, all of which are unacceptable when going global.

So, how do we handle it?

We need more nodes in different regions.

PolarDB Global Database Network (GDN) is ideal for businesses that require active geo-redundancy and geo-disaster recovery on the basis of low latency services.

The GDN is made up of multiple PolarDB clusters, which are distributed worldwide.

Watch the full video here to learn more about PolarDB >>


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