Community Blog Cloud Forward Episode 5: Cloud-Native Database - PolarDB | Multi-Primary

Cloud Forward Episode 5: Cloud-Native Database - PolarDB | Multi-Primary

For faster R/W speeds, the scaling bottleneck of "one-writer, many readers" for relational databases must be overcome, and Multi-Master might just be the key to it.

As the competition between businesses heats up, more businesses are pursuing faster read and write speeds for their data.

However, the clustering architecture of relational databases is all one-writer, many-readers.

How can we overcome this scaling bottleneck?

Hello and welcome to another episode of Cloud Forward.

Today, we’ll discuss how a cloud-native Multi-Primary architecture database conquers high concurrency.

The clustering architecture of a relational database is typically one-writer, many-readers.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses are now pursuing faster write speeds in addition to data read speed requirements.

However, many businesses have experienced scaling bottlenecks.

Alibaba Cloud PolarDB's Multi-Primary feature introduces multiple primary nodes and read-only nodes to provide multi-writer and multi-reader capabilities.

It's a nice-to-have solution for scenarios such as gaming, multi-tenant SaaS, and e-commerce.

All data in a cluster is stored in PolarStore using the Polar File System, PolarFS, in a Multi-Primary architecture, allowing all nodes to share data files and avoid extra costs or latency for data copy.

Watch the full video here to learn more about PolarDB >>


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