Community Blog Cloud Forward Episode 4: Cloud-Native Database - PolarDB | HTAP (In-Memory Column Index)

Cloud Forward Episode 4: Cloud-Native Database - PolarDB | HTAP (In-Memory Column Index)

HTAP can help cut down your O&M, and PolarDB's In-Memory Column Index feature allows you to meet OLTP and OLAP requirements with one system.

Maintaining OLTP and OLAP data separately is expensive. Can HTAP help reduce costs?

Is it possible for HTAP to replace OLTP and OLAP completely?

Hello and welcome to another episode of Cloud Forward.

Today, we'll discuss what HTAP is and how it can help you save money and improve efficiency.

The demand for real-time analysis of business data is growing, and it has become common for enterprises to maintain separate OLTP and OLAP databases.

However, this results in an increase in costs, architectural complexity, and more O&M.

In this context, Hybrid Transactional & Analytical Processing (HTAP), which combines TP and AP capabilities, has recently been proposed and has emerged as a blazing hot database technology.

Alibaba Cloud PolarDB is one of many products associated with this technology.

Furthermore, we believe the purpose of HTAP is not to replace traditional OLTP or OLAP databases completely but to perform both OLTP and OLAP in specific scenarios, allowing customers to reduce the cost of data transportation and storage while avoiding daily data synchronization.

All of these issues can be resolved if we can achieve HTAP transaction analysis integration or offline-computing and online-query integration.

As a result, we designed the In-Memory Column Index, IMCI.

Watch the full video here to learn more about PolarDB >>


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