Community Blog The Next-Generation OS for Enterprises: The Launch of the Exclusive DingTalk Solution

The Next-Generation OS for Enterprises: The Launch of the Exclusive DingTalk Solution

This article briefly discusses the launch of DingTalk's new solution and how it will empower enterprises and digital offices.

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On June 17, Alibaba Cloud announced the launch of its exclusive DingTalk solution at the product launch conference. The exclusive DingTalk solution is a next-generation operating system for enterprises' digital offices jointly created by Alibaba Cloud and DingTalk.

Through the discussion of digital offices with thousands of enterprise users, the exclusive DingTalk solution provides users with exclusive design, security, and opening capabilities. The solution also leverages Alibaba Cloud's products, deepening DingTalk's online capabilities in organization, communication, collaboration, business, and ecosystem. It is a next-generation digital operating system for enterprises with high security and efficiency.


The solution has succeeded in many industries, such as finance, retail, real estate, manufacturing, and education. The director of the exclusive DingTalk solution center, Sijiu, introduced some successful practices of the solution in various industries at the conference. Sijiu said, "The exclusive DingTalk solution has efficient instant messaging (IM) and collaboration capabilities. It also has high security as well as large, customized, and highly-opened business space, which is needed for all enterprises. Using the exclusive DingTalk solution as a digital operating system, enterprises can greatly enhance communication, collaboration, and business-building capabilities."

"The exclusive DingTalk solution is not only the competency center of communication and collaboration for enterprise users. It is also the power strip for enterprises' business. The solution can help enterprises build a digital work and learning platform with low-cost and high efficiency." Ye Heng, Engineer of Alibaba Cloud's Senior Solutions, said, "We deeply integrated powerful IM capabilities on the exclusive DingTalk solution with Alibaba Cloud's products for enterprises. Thus, we developed the exclusive DingTalk solution, providing enterprises with a new operating system for digital offices. Through integration with Alibaba Cloud's Identity as a Service (IDaaS), the solution solves the problem of organization online for enterprises. In addition, through integration with the Hybrid Cloud Storage Array and Smart Access Gateway (SAG), the solution delivers enterprises' data to local devices for providing high-level data security. Through integration with Teambition, the solution solves project and task management issues. Moreover, through integration with DingPaaS and Cloud Pivot, the solution helps users quickly build their business."

In the exclusive DingTalk solution, IDaaS is the organization's middle platform of the entire operating system. Based on DingTalk's organization structure, the solution helps enterprises achieve unified accounts, authentication, access control, and audits. Shang Honglin, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud's IDaaS Product Line, introduced a topic entitled, "Integration of Alibaba Cloud and DingTalk Provides Protection for Security." During the presentation, Shang Honglin introduced core products, application scenarios, and customer cases under the trend of Alibaba Cloud-DingTalk integration.

All of your work can start with Teambition. Whether you are planning activities, developing software, manufacturing robots, building power stations, or launching satellites, team members are collaborating in a more efficient way to create achievements for their goal. At the end of the conference, Wen Yuan, Business Operation Expert of the Teambition Team, comprehensively introduced Teambiton's experience in helping enterprises implement all-in-one task and project management, and realize seamless cooperation across departments and regions. Teambition also promotes the development of management processes and knowledge, as well as the accumulation of valuable practical experience.

In the digital economy era, the exclusive DingTalk solution can empower enterprises' digital offices and provide a next-generation operating system for digital offices that is simple, efficient, collaborative, and secure.

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