Community Blog When AI Meets the Exhibition - An "Ongoing Process" for a Holographic World

When AI Meets the Exhibition - An "Ongoing Process" for a Holographic World

This article discusses how an on-cloud exhibition solution can be beneficial for businesses to cope with the pandemic.

By Holographic Intelligence Team

Recently, Tan Ping, Head of the Alibaba Cloud AI Lab, shared the holographic world's "on-cloud exhibition" solution during a livestream. Based on Alibaba Cloud technologies, such as AI, big data, and cloud computing, offline exhibitions are migrated to online platforms through 3D reconstruction technology. The solution integrates the capabilities of an all-domain digital operation to build a new on-cloud exhibition infrastructure. This helps the exhibition industry meet the demand for on-cloud exhibitions.

Based on the advanced 3D holography technology of Alibaba Cloud AI Lab, the 3D virtual exhibition hall brings a more vivid browsing experience to the audience. In addition to the realistic 3D scenes, the exhibitor's offline factories, shops, and exhibition halls are all shown online. The audience can view the factory remotely, thus enhancing the audience's satisfaction with the enterprise. Virtual customer services are provided to audiences, allowing audiences to view the 3D exhibition hall while livestreaming.

1. Groups Served by the On-Cloud Exhibition Solution

The on-cloud exhibition solution mainly serves three types of groups, organizers, exhibitors, and audiences. They form the closed loop of exhibitions.


2. Benefits of the On-Cloud Exhibition Solution for All Parties

  • Organizers: They can be free of time and space restrictions with online and offline unification. All-round data accumulation can be achieved, which makes it easier to hold exhibitions.
  • Exhibitors: They are provided with innovative exhibiting forms, precise supply, and more marketing ways. They can get a more intuitive customer insight.
  • Audiences: Being free of time and space restrictions, they can attend exhibitions anytime and anywhere with more accurate demand matching. They can also enjoy an immersive exhibition viewing experience and all-round online interaction throughout the day.


3. Full-Procedure Support for Exhibitions

  1. Pre-Exhibition Preparation and Promotion: The on-cloud exhibition solution supports account and back-end management of multiple roles, such as organizers and exhibitors. It can also carry out pre-exhibition promotion and audience registration to attract audiences.
  2. Exhibition Visiting: The solution integrates multiple AI capabilities, such as 3D exhibition halls and intelligent recommendations, which allow the audience to be immersed in the exhibition. It supports livestreaming, audio, video, and other forms of communication and negotiation. Personalized visiting is also supported.
  3. Post-Exhibition Analysis: The audience and exhibitor data are completely filed. The organizers and exhibitors can comprehensively analyze the exhibition data. Various statistics and analysis results can help organizers and exhibitors comprehensively summarize the exhibition effect and realize the full-scenario closed loop.


In addition to the cloud exhibition, holographic shops, holographic buildings, indoor robots, and many other products are also provided.

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