Community Blog Understanding Alibaba Cloud Network – New Product Launch at the Apsara Conference 2020

Understanding Alibaba Cloud Network – New Product Launch at the Apsara Conference 2020

This article discusses the three core cloud network products released at the Apsara Conference 2020 and how enterprises can use them to migrate applications to the cloud smoothly.

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By Alibaba Cloud_Network

On September 18, 2020, Zhu Shunmin, Director of the Networking Products Team and Basic Products Business Unit at Alibaba Cloud, launched a series of new products for the cloud network at the Apsara Conference 2020.


The release of new enterprise-level products and the cloud-native application network shows that the cloud network is going further in meeting various customers' requirements. This marks another step in the gradual shaping of the cloud-native application network. In the future, the cloud network will show its power in these two aspects.

Core Release 1: Enterprise-Level Network Deployed on Alibaba Cloud – CEN-TR and Private Link



Transit Router (TR) is a new component in the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) and an enterprise-level virtual router. Today, many users have built a global network integrating on-cloud and off-cloud applications and deployed complex business systems based on Alibaba Cloud. CEN-TR enables enterprises to control routers in a fine-grained manner, including routers deployed between on-cloud VPCs, and between on-cloud VPC and off-cloud IDC, ensuring security isolation.


Private Link Service

Private Link allows users or third-party ecosystem partners to provide services based on Alibaba Cloud's internal network (the private network). Private Link also allows users to access Alibaba Cloud services through the private network. The private network's access quality is more stable, the latency is lower, and the network is more secure. Private Link has changed the internal communication mode between enterprises. Different enterprises can use Private Link to provide intranet access in a service-oriented manner.


Core Release 2: Cloud-Native Application Network – Application Load Balancer (ALB) and Enterprise-Level VPC


Enterprise-Level VPC

A series of major updates have been released to meet cloud-native and enterprise-level customers' needs. For cloud-native, container service supports high density and can accommodate 300,000 instances per VPC. In terms of enterprise-level features, ShareVPC allows users to manage resources in a VPC with multiple accounts. Besides that, enterprise-level features, such as FlowLog, were released.


ALB is a new product of Alibaba Cloud's Server Load Balancer (SLB). It supports the HTTP/HPPTS protocol and is specially designed for layer-7 applications. ALB's core advantage is its superior performance and the deep integration with cloud-native, which can greatly accelerate the delivery of enterprises' applications.

1. Deep Integration with Cloud-Native

ALB supports advanced content-based routing features, including Header/Cookie/QueryString/SourceIP/Method-based traffic forwarding, redirection, and rewriting. These features can perfectly meet the requirements in cloud-native scenarios. K8S/ACK users can use ALB instead of Ingress gateway to meet the needs of large-scale service discovery and service scheduling.

2. Top-Notch Performance

ALB supports one million queries per second (QPS) for a single instance and pay-as-you-go billing. Users do not need to learn about performance specifications. High performance allows users to handle massive business traffic easily. The pay-as-you-go billing reduces costs and simplifies the process of Q&M.

In addition, ALB supports the QUIC protocol to meet the low-latency requirements of audio/video services.

Core Release 3: Global Network Interconnection – SAG-vCPE and SAG-APP


Smart Access Gateway (SAG) provides superior capabilities of accessing hybrid cloud network compared to other cloud vendors. SAG now offers various product forms, including hardware gateways, mobile apps, and software images, to ensure comprehensive adaptability to customers' cloud migration and networking needs in multiple scenarios. With these products, enterprises worldwide can easily migrate their business to the cloud anytime and anywhere.


SAG vCPE can establish high-quality and private intranet connections with Alibaba Cloud VPCs. SAG vCPE can be deployed in a virtual machine (VM) or Docker environment or on Alibaba Cloud ENS, which makes full use of customers' existing cloud computing resources.


SAG APP allows employees to securely access internal applications on the cloud anytime and anywhere, helping enterprises to build a mobile office quickly. Four mainstream operating systems supporting PCs and intelligent terminals allow customers to bid farewell to unstable open-source VPN clients and quickly build high-quality global mobile cloud networks.

With three core cloud network products released at this year's Apsara Conference, enterprises can smoothly migrate their applications to the cloud, and their needs for high-density container applications can be met. As more enterprises employ these cloud network products, we can connect the globe and accelerate the digitalization of enterprises.


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