Community Blog Alibaba Cloud Releases SAG 2.0 to Boost Global Connectivity

Alibaba Cloud Releases SAG 2.0 to Boost Global Connectivity

The Alibaba Cloud Network Team talks about the release of SAG 2.0, its benefits, and why you should upgrade.

By Alibaba Cloud Network Team

Network has become the first consideration for many enterprises to be migrated to the cloud, and the last key part to implement off-premises services locally, as an increasing number of globalized enterprises and multinationals take advantage of the strong elasticity of public clouds to build auto-scalable enterprise IT systems. The importance of networks is self-evident.

That's why Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Network Management Team recently announced the upgraded version of the Smart Access Gateway (SAG) 2.0 at the 2020 Alibaba Cloud Summit in June. SAG 2.0 provides customers in all industries around the world with enhanced access capabilities, better network quality, and a more streamlined O&M experience, consolidating Alibaba Cloud's leading status in the hybrid cloud network access sector.

Since 2016, Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Network Management Team has successfully released hybrid cloud network products including Express Connect, VPN Gateway, Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN), and of course, Smart Access Gateway (SAG). Relying on Alibaba Cloud's global core networks, the team keeps expanding cloud network scenarios to allow more users to enjoy the elasticity and flexibility of cloud networks by offering industry-leading global network connectivity solutions. Among these solutions, CEN provides the core global connectivity between on-premises and off-premises systems. Express Connect, VPN Gateway, and SAG provide comprehensive cloud migration solutions in the industry to help global enterprise users build an exclusive global network that features privacy, high quality, and elasticity.


SAG, as the most distinctive product in Alibaba Cloud's global network connectivity solutions, provides hybrid cloud network access capabilities that go ahead of other cloud vendors in the industry. SAG now offers a diverse amount of product formats including hardware gateways, mobile apps, and software images to ensure comprehensive adaptability to customers' cloud migration and networking needs in multiple scenarios. This allows global enterprises to easily migrate their businesses to the cloud anytime and anywhere. Based on Alibaba Cloud's diversified cloud products and global core networks, SAG uses the SDWAN technology to adapt to customers' various scenarios, offering hybrid cloud network solutions that feature cloud-network integration.

Stronger Access Capabilities: SAG 2.0 Provides Diversified Cloud Migration Scenarios


Traditional cloud migration relies on private lines or VPNs. The former is costly and less elastic. The latter is known for complex configuration, limited networking capabilities, and unstable networks. Therefore, a core advantage of SAG lies in its provisioning of a high-quality cloud network with both resources and elasticity for customers to migrate to the cloud. The SAG 2.0 version highlights enhanced access capabilities in diversified cloud scenarios.

SAG Devices Released Outside Mainland China

SAG provides two device types: SAG-100WM and SAG-1000, which are designed for connecting small-scale branch stores to Alibaba Cloud and connecting medium and large-scale on-premises data centers or headquarters to Alibaba Cloud, respectively. Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Network Management Team works with its partners with supply capacities to Southeast Asia to sell SAG devices and provide related services in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong (China.) Customers in these countries and regions are provided with localized SAG devices and can have the same experience as users in Mainland China. SAG allows the customers to connect branch stores, on-premises data centers, and headquarters to Alibaba Cloud upon use.

SAG App Available Across Platforms

The SAG app is a core product that applies to mobile office scenarios. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced enterprises and organizations around the world to speed up their office mobilization. Enabling employees to securely access internal apps on the cloud anytime and anywhere is the primary challenge for enterprises to build mobile office capabilities. Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Network Management Team has upgraded and optimized the SAG app in an all-round manner. The app now supports four mainstream operating systems for PCs and intelligent terminals, reducing the effort needed from customers to access various unstable open-source VPN clients and facilitating the building of a high-quality mobile cloud network with global coverage.

SAG vCPE Released

SAG vCPE is an important software product released by Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Network Management Team. It's designed for deployment in a cloud environment based on cloud-native. When an enterprise's IT personnel deploy resources based on a cloud other than Alibaba Cloud or build a geo-disaster recovery architecture on hybrid clouds with on-premises data centers, SAG vCPE can be used for data synchronization, remote service calling, and quick establishment of high-quality and private connections to Alibaba Cloud VPCs through corporate intranet. To make full use of the existing cloud computing resources, SAG vCPE can be deployed in a virtual machine (VM), Docker environment, or on Alibaba Cloud ENS.

Better Network Quality: SAG 2.0 Provides Enhanced Network Optimization


One of the core competitive edges of Alibaba Cloud SAG lies in Alibaba Cloud's global core networks that are empowered by the cloud-native SDWAN technology, which provides customers with elastic, flexible, and high-quality global network access. This year, Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Network Management Team added more SAG access gateways in addition to its existing access gateways across the world. In China alone, the team added at least 30 SAG access gateways to cover most provincial capitals and prefectural cities, further enhancing its strength in underlying resources. In addition to the optimization of underlying resources, the team also tapped into the potential of SAG 2.0 and developed a series of network optimization features, including transmission protocol optimization and FEC. The enhanced network optimization of SAG 2.0 enables higher adaptability in the event of poor network quality, ensuring network quality for cloud migration.

A More Streamlined O&M Experience: SAG 2.0 Provides O&M Dashboard


SAG was designed following the cloud-native philosophy. In the construction of the underlying technology and resources, or the purchase, deployment, and O&M management, SAG, like other Alibaba Cloud products, provides online visual management capabilities and cloud computing's core resource elasticity. SAG 2.0 marks a further improvement in O&M experience, by centralizing frequent operations and key metrics of daily O&M into the newly designed O&M dashboard. The O&M dashboard provides information flows with different granularities, such as global and regional granularities. This allows users to gain a quick view of the SAG network's operation status from different dimensions. By presenting all important information on one webpage and implementing one-click access for frequent operations, the dashboard makes customers' daily O&M and information summary more efficient.

Summary: SAG Empowers First Step of Cloud Migration by Providing Global Network Connectivity


Alibaba Cloud's global network connectivity solutions aspire to build enterprise customers an exclusive global network that is elastic, private, secure, and high quality. SAG aims to connect the complex local networks to global off-premises resources quickly and securely. Alibaba Cloud SAG, with its comprehensive access capabilities, enables customers to access an exclusive global cloud network anytime and anywhere with high quality, regardless of if customers are using a local area network composed of traditional network devices, or a global mobile network composed of employees' PCs or intelligent terminals.

SAG empowers the first step of cloud migration by providing global network connectivity. Learn more about its capabilities by visiting the SAG product page

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