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Build a Dedicated Global Network with Alibaba Cloud's Global Network Solution

This article describes about the Global Network Solution by Alibaba Cloud to build a dedicated global network around the globe.

By Rupal Shirpurkar, Business Head (Cloud BU – APAC) of Click2Cloud Inc. and Alibaba Cloud MVP

When it comes to cross-border networking, multinational companies typically face three significant challenges: public networks are not reliable enough to meet their business requirements, legacy networks are difficult to administer, and cloud service endpoints must be secured while accessing them from around the globe.

You can deal with the above challenges substantially by utilizing Alibaba Global Cloud Network Solution. Enterprises no longer have to worry about security and reliability due to encryption, global coverage, and ultra-low latency offered by Alibaba Cloud's Global Cloud Network. In the meantime, minute-level deployment and centralized operations and maintenance (O&M) platforms simplify initial network setup and ongoing network administration. Alibaba Cloud also provides enterprise-class routes and reliability, enabling seamless access to cloud services worldwide.

Global Cloud Network Solution Provided by Alibaba Cloud

A Reliable Global Network

Alibaba Cloud's world-class network consists of infrastructure and software layers that incorporate redundancy and automatic routing management, along with intelligent operation and maintenance, ensuring enterprise-level reliability and security.

An Instantaneous Deployment

Global network deployment can now be accomplished in minutes. By coordinating and operating multiple parties, Alibaba Cloud's global network saves customers' time and money.

Intensifying Cloud Computing

Alibaba Cloud provides a one-stop solution for accelerating cloud applications. It is secure, easy to use, and lets you migrate to the cloud easily.

An Encrypted Multi-Terminal Network

Cloud computing using Alibaba Cloud hybrid cloud architecture and SD-WAN technology is used to support enterprise-level security for PCs, smartphones, and other devices with cloud networking.

A Detailed Look at Alibaba Cloud's Global Network Solution

Connections to SD-WAN for Enterprises

Creating networks between headquarters and branch offices is a challenge for any organization since there are many issues to contend with, including time, cost, and security issues.

You can utilize Alibaba Cloud Smart Access Gateway (SmartAG) to build your own global HQ and branch network by connecting to its POP servers near you. Providing you with high-speed connections across multiple regions, Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is ideal for cross-border scenarios. Using the Alibaba Cloud console, users can monitor and manage their entire global network end-to-end, making daily maintenance activities simpler.

The following are some of its key features:

  • Devices, links, and access networks have been designed for multi-level disaster recovery capabilities that provide high reliability.
  • A range of deployment methods from hardware to images and apps is supported by SAG.
  • In order to maximize networking efficiency, SAG and CEN have elastic bandwidth that can be used by businesses.

Fig1: Connections to SD-WAN for enterprise

A Global Network for Hybrid Clouds

It is very expensive to build a private global network from scratch and to maintain it. When unexpected changes in businesses take place, conventional global networks cannot remain consistent or provide a consistent user experience.

Compared to conventional public cloud services, Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) offers private network interconnection over private networks. With Smart Access Gateway (SmartAG), high-speed networks, and VPN gateway products, you can maintain exclusive access to your hybrid cloud network in all scenarios.

The following are some of its key features:

  • Supports rapid deployment through flexible networking capabilities.
  • A redundancy-based resolution technique is used to automatically optimize global networks with multiple layers.
  • Mobile devices and PCs can connect to private networks and utilize 4G.

Fig2: A global network for hybrid clouds

A Network That Allows Remote Working for Enterprises

In order to allow remote workers to access an enterprise's internal network and purchase and start network services in a flexible manner, enterprises must provide a global network solution.

Through the SAG app and VPN gateway products, an enterprise's internal networks can be connected securely via encrypted dial-up connections from PCs or smartphones, which makes remote working and remote operation and maintenance possible. As part of Alibaba Cloud network client and VPN gateway integration, the SAG application and VPN gateway provide Identity as a Service (IDaaS) so that you can seamlessly log into the enterprise intranet and use the data and applications on your Alibaba Cloud network.

The following are some of its key features:

  • Operating systems that run on the majority of PCs and mobiles.
  • SAG app gives enterprises fast access to their internal networks with one click.
  • SAG App uses elastic bandwidth designed to maximize efficiency through better utilization of network resources.

Fig3: A network that allows remote working for enterprises

Final Remarks

Alibaba Cloud's global infrastructure and SD-WAN-powered solutions offer you high elasticity, enterprise-level data privacy, and reliable network connectivity to make integration of core businesses throughout peripherals possible.

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