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ApsaraVideo VOD:List of operations by function

Last Updated:Apr 18, 2024
This product(vod/2017-03-21) OpenAPI adopts RPC Signature style. See signature details in Description of the signature mechanism. We have packaged SDKs for common programming languages for developers. Developers can directly call the OpenAPI of this product by downloading the SDK without paying attention to the technical details. If the existing SDK cannot meet the usage requirements, you can connect through the signature mechanism. It will take about 5 working days. Therefore, it is recommended to join our DingTalk service group (11370001915) and sign under the guidance of experts.
Before using the API, you need to prepare your identity account and access key (AccessKey) to effectively access the API through client tools (SDK, CLI, etc.). For details see getAccessKey.

Media upload

CreateUploadVideoCreateUploadVideoObtains the upload URLs and credentials for media files and creates media assets in ApsaraVideo VOD.
RefreshUploadVideoRefreshUploadVideoObtains a new upload credential after a file failed to be uploaded.
CreateUploadImageCreateUploadImageQueries a URL and a credential for uploading an image.
CreateUploadAttachedMediaCreateUploadAttachedMediaObtains a URL and a credential for uploading an auxiliary media asset, such as a watermark, subtitle, or material.
UploadMediaByURLUploadMediaByURLUploads media files based on URLs.
GetURLUploadInfosGetURLUploadInfosQueries the information about URL-based upload jobs.
CancelUrlUploadJobsCancelUrlUploadJobsCancels URL-based upload jobs in the queue.
UploadStreamByURLUploadStreamByURLUploads transcoded streams to ApsaraVideo VOD from external storage.
DeleteMultipartUploadDeleteMultipartUploadDeletes the parts generated during an upload.
GetUploadDetailsGetUploadDetailsQueries the upload details, such as the upload time, upload ratio, and upload source, about one or more media files based on the media IDs.
RegisterMediaRegisterMediaRegisters media files. After you add an Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket to ApsaraVideo VOD, you must register the media files in the bucket to generate the required information before you use features such as transcoding and snapshot capture on the media files.

Audio and video playback

GetPlayInfoGetPlayInfoQueries the playback URL of a video or audio file by its ID.
GetVideoPlayAuthGetVideoPlayAuthQueries the credential required for media playback.

Media asset management

Media asset searchMedia asset search
SearchMediaSearchMediaQueries information about videos, audio, images, and auxiliary media assets. You can call this operation and specify the search protocol to query media assets based on the return fields, fields used for exact match, fields used for fuzzy match, fields used for a multi-value query, fields used for a range query, and sort fields.
Tiered storageTiered storage
UpdateMediaStorageClassUpdateMediaStorageClassModifies the storage classes of media assets.
RestoreMediaRestoreMediaRestores media assets.
Media asset categoryMedia asset category
AddCategoryAddCategoryCreates a video category.
UpdateCategoryUpdateCategoryModifies a video category.
DeleteCategoryDeleteCategoryDeletes a video category.
GetCategoriesGetCategoriesQueries the information about the specified category and its subcategories.
Audio and video managementAudio and video management
GetVideoInfoGetVideoInfoObtains information about multiple audio or video files.
GetVideoInfosGetVideoInfosObtains information about multiple audio or video files.
GetVideoListGetVideoListQueries information about media files.
GetMezzanineInfoGetMezzanineInfoQueries the information about the mezzanine file of an audio or video. The information includes the mezzanine file URL, resolution, and bitrate of the audio or video.
UpdateVideoInfoUpdateVideoInfoModifies the information about a video.
UpdateVideoInfosUpdateVideoInfosModifies the information about multiple videos at a time.
DeleteMezzaninesDeleteMezzaninesDeletes one or more source files at a time.
DeleteStreamDeleteStreamDeletes one or more video or audio streams and their storage files at a time.
DeleteVideoDeleteVideoDeletes one or more videos at a time, including their mezzanine files, transcoded stream files, and thumbnail snapshots.
Auxiliary media asset managementAuxiliary media asset management
GetAttachedMediaInfoGetAttachedMediaInfoQueries the basic information about one or more auxiliary media assets. The basic information includes the title, type, tags, and creation time of an auxiliary media asset.
UpdateAttachedMediaInfosUpdateAttachedMediaInfosModifies the information about multiple auxiliary media assets at a time.
DeleteAttachedMediaDeleteAttachedMediaDeletes one or more auxiliary media assets at a time.
Image managementImage management
GetImageInfoGetImageInfoQueries the basic information about an image based on the image ID. The basic information includes the title, type, creation time, and tags of the image.
GetImageInfosGetImageInfosQueries the basic information about multiple images at a time.
UpdateImageInfosUpdateImageInfosModifies the information about one or more images at a time.
ListSnapshotsListSnapshotsQueries the snapshots that are captured from the specified media.
DeleteImageDeleteImageDeletes uploaded images and video snapshots that are automatically captured.
Animated sticker managementAnimated sticker management
ListDynamicImageListDynamicImageQueries the information about animated stickers of a video based on the video ID.
DeleteDynamicImageDeleteDynamicImageDeletes the information about animated stickers.

Media processing

Process initiationProcess initiation
SubmitTranscodeJobsSubmitTranscodeJobsSubmits a transcoding job to start transcoding in an asynchronous manner.
SubmitSnapshotJobSubmitSnapshotJobSubmits a snapshot job for a video and starts asynchronous snapshot processing.
SubmitPreprocessJobsSubmitPreprocessJobsPreprocesses a video by using the production studio.
SubmitDynamicImageJobSubmitDynamicImageJobSubmits a frame animation job and starts asynchronous processing.
SubmitWorkflowJobSubmitWorkflowJobInitiates a workflow to process media files.
Transcoding templateTranscoding template
AddTranscodeTemplateGroupAddTranscodeTemplateGroupCreates a transcoding template group or adds transcoding templates to a transcoding template group.
UpdateTranscodeTemplateGroupUpdateTranscodeTemplateGroupModifies the configurations of a transcoding template group or configurations of transcoding templates in the transcoding template group.
SetDefaultTranscodeTemplateGroupSetDefaultTranscodeTemplateGroupSpecifies a transcoding template group as the default one.
ListTranscodeTemplateGroupListTranscodeTemplateGroupQueries transcoding template groups.
GetTranscodeTemplateGroupGetTranscodeTemplateGroupQueries the details of a transcoding template group based on the template group ID.
DeleteTranscodeTemplateGroupDeleteTranscodeTemplateGroupDeletes one or more transcoding templates from a transcoding template group or forcibly deletes a transcoding template group.
Snapshot templateSnapshot template
AddVodTemplateAddVodTemplateAdds a snapshot template or frame animation template.
UpdateVodTemplateUpdateVodTemplateModifies a snapshot template.
GetVodTemplateGetVodTemplateQueries a single snapshot template.
ListVodTemplateListVodTemplateQueries snapshot templates.
DeleteVodTemplateDeleteVodTemplateDeletes a snapshot template.
Video watermarkVideo watermark
AddWatermarkAddWatermarkAdds a watermark.
UpdateWatermarkUpdateWatermarkModifies a watermark.
DeleteWatermarkDeleteWatermarkDeletes a watermark.
SetDefaultWatermarkSetDefaultWatermarkSets a watermark as the default one.
GetWatermarkGetWatermarkQueries information about an watermark.
ListWatermarkListWatermarkQueries watermarks.
Transcoding taskTranscoding task
GetTranscodeSummaryGetTranscodeSummaryQueries transcoding summaries of audio and video files based on the file ID. A transcoding summary includes the status and progress of transcoding.
ListTranscodeTaskListTranscodeTaskQueries transcoding tasks based on the media ID. This operation does not return specific job information.
GetTranscodeTaskGetTranscodeTaskQueries details about transcoding jobs based on the transcoding task ID.

Online editing

ProduceEditingProjectVideoProduceEditingProjectVideoProduces a video from one or more source files. You can directly specify source files by configuring the Timeline parameter. Alternatively, you can specify source files after you create an online editing project.
Project management for online editingProject management for online editing
AddEditingProjectAddEditingProjectCreates an online editing project.
UpdateEditingProjectUpdateEditingProjectModifies an online editing project.
DeleteEditingProjectDeleteEditingProjectDeletes online editing projects.
SetEditingProjectMaterialsSetEditingProjectMaterialsSets materials to be edited for an online editing project.
GetEditingProjectGetEditingProjectQueries the details of an online editing project.
GetEditingProjectMaterialsGetEditingProjectMaterialsQueries materials to be edited for an online editing project.
SearchEditingProjectSearchEditingProjectQueries online editing projects.

Media review

Review settingsReview settings
SetAuditSecurityIpSetAuditSecurityIpManages the IP addresses in review security groups.
ListAuditSecurityIpListAuditSecurityIpQueries the IP addresses in a review security group.
Automated reviewAutomated review
SubmitAIMediaAuditJobSubmitAIMediaAuditJobSubmits an automated review job for a media file. After the job is submitted, ApsaraVideo VOD asynchronously processes the job. Therefore, the operation may return a response before the job is complete.
SubmitAIImageAuditJobSubmitAIImageAuditJobSubmits an automated review job for an image. After the job is submitted, the job is processed in an asynchronous manner. The operation may return a response before the job is complete.
GetAIMediaAuditJobGetAIMediaAuditJobQueries the information about an intelligent review job. After the job is submitted, it is processed asynchronously. You can call this operation to query the job information in real time.
GetMediaAuditResultGetMediaAuditResultQueries the summary of automated review results.
GetMediaAuditResultDetailGetMediaAuditResultDetailQueries the details of automated review results. You can call this operation to query the details of review results in real time.
GetMediaAuditResultTimelineGetMediaAuditResultTimelineQueries the timelines of all snapshots that violate content regulations.
GetMediaAuditAudioResultDetailGetMediaAuditAudioResultDetailQueries the details of audio review results.
Manual reviewManual review
CreateAuditCreateAuditPerforms manual review on media files, such as audio and video files.
GetAuditHistoryGetAuditHistoryQueries the manual review history.

Video AI

AI templatesAI templates
AddAITemplateAddAITemplateAdds an AI template for automated review and smart thumbnail tasks.
DeleteAITemplateDeleteAITemplateDeletes an AI template.
UpdateAITemplateUpdateAITemplateModifies an AI template.
SetDefaultAITemplateSetDefaultAITemplateSpecifies an AI template as the default template.
GetAITemplateGetAITemplateQueries the details of an AI template.
ListAITemplateListAITemplateQueries AI templates.
GetDefaultAITemplateGetDefaultAITemplateQueries information about the default AI template.
AI jobsAI jobs
ListAIJobListAIJobQueries AI jobs. After a job is submitted, ApsaraVideo VOD asynchronously processes the job. You can call this operation to query the job information in real time.
SubmitAIJobSubmitAIJobSubmits a smart tagging or video fingerprinting job.
Video DNAVideo DNA
GetMediaDNAResultGetMediaDNAResultQueries a media fingerprinting result. After a media fingerprinting job is complete, you can call this operation to query the media fingerprinting result.
SubmitMediaDNADeleteJobSubmitMediaDNADeleteJobDeletes a video fingerprinting job.
Smart taggingSmart tagging
GetAIVideoTagResultGetAIVideoTagResultQueries the results of smart tagging jobs.
Smart thumbnailSmart thumbnail
SubmitAIImageJobSubmitAIImageJobSubmits jobs of image AI processing.
GetAIImageJobsGetAIImageJobsQueries jobs of image AI processing.
ListAIImageInfoListAIImageInfoQueries the AI processing results about the images of a specified video.
DeleteAIImageInfosDeleteAIImageInfosDeletes the information about one or more images that are submitted for AI processing.

Live to VOD

ListLiveRecordVideoListLiveRecordVideoQueries live-to-VOD videos.

CDN for ApsaraVideo VOD

Data monitoringData monitoring
Request statisticsRequest statistics
DescribeVodDomainTrafficDataDescribeVodDomainTrafficDataQueries the network traffic for one or more accelerated domain names.
DescribeVodDomainBpsDataDescribeVodDomainBpsDataQueries the bandwidth for one or more specified domain names for CDN.
Back-to-origin statisticsBack-to-origin statistics
DescribeVodDomainSrcTrafficDataDescribeVodDomainSrcTrafficDataQueries origin traffic data for accelerated domain names in ApsaraVideo VOD. The traffic is measured in bytes.
DescribeVodDomainSrcBpsDataDescribeVodDomainSrcBpsDataQueries origin bandwidth data for accelerated domain names in ApsaraVideo VOD. The bandwidth is measured in bit/s.
Domain name managementDomain name management
AddVodDomainAddVodDomainAdds a domain name to accelerate in ApsaraVideo VOD.
DeleteVodDomainDeleteVodDomainRemoves a domain name for CDN from ApsaraVideo VOD.
UpdateVodDomainUpdateVodDomainModifies a specific accelerated domain name.
DescribeVodUserDomainsDescribeVodUserDomainsQueries the domain names for CDN within your Alibaba Cloud account.
DescribeVodDomainDetailDescribeVodDomainDetailQueries the basic information about a specified domain name for CDN.
BatchStartVodDomainBatchStartVodDomainEnables accelerated domain names that are in the disabled state.
BatchStopVodDomainBatchStopVodDomainDisables accelerated domain names.
Domain name verificationDomain name verification
VerifyVodDomainOwnerVerifyVodDomainOwnerVerifies the ownership of a specified domain name.
DescribeVodVerifyContentDescribeVodVerifyContentQueries the ownership verification content.
Domain name configurationsDomain name configurations
DeleteVodSpecificConfigDeleteVodSpecificConfigDeletes the configurations of a domain name for CDN.
SetVodDomainCertificateSetVodDomainCertificateEnables or disables the certificate of a domain name and modifies the certificate information.
DescribeVodDomainConfigsDescribeVodDomainConfigsQueries the configurations of a domain name for CDN. You can query the configurations of multiple features at a time.
DescribeVodCertificateListDescribeVodCertificateListQueries the certificates of a specified domain name for CDN or all the domain names for CDN within your Alibaba Cloud account.
DescribeVodDomainCertificateInfoDescribeVodDomainCertificateInfoQueries the certificate information about an accelerated domain name.
BatchSetVodDomainConfigsBatchSetVodDomainConfigsConfigures one or more domain names for CDN.
Refresh and prefetchRefresh and prefetch
DescribeVodRefreshTasksDescribeVodRefreshTasksQueries the information about one or more refresh or prefetch tasks.
DescribeVodRefreshQuotaDescribeVodRefreshQuotaQueries the maximum number and remaining number of requests to refresh or prefetch files on the current day. You can prefetch files based on URLs and refresh files based on URLs or directories.
PreloadVodObjectCachesPreloadVodObjectCachesPrefetches resources from an origin server to L2 nodes. Users can directly hit the cache upon their first visits. This way, workloads on the origin server can be reduced.
RefreshVodObjectCachesRefreshVodObjectCachesRefreshes files on Alibaba Cloud CDN nodes. You can refresh multiple files at a time based on URLs.
RefreshMediaPlayUrlsRefreshMediaPlayUrlsSubmits media refresh or prefetch tasks based on the media IDs.
GetMediaRefreshJobsGetMediaRefreshJobsQueries the information about media refresh or prefetch jobs, such as the job status and filtering conditions.
Log managementLog management
DescribeVodDomainLogDescribeVodDomainLogQueries the information about the CDN access logs for a domain name, including the log path.

Video security

HLS encryptionHLS encryption
GenerateKMSDataKeyGenerateKMSDataKeyGenerates a random Key Management Service (KMS) data key used for HLS encryption in ApsaraVideo VOD.
DecryptKMSDataKeyDecryptKMSDataKeyDecrypts the ciphertext specified by CiphertextBlob in the Key Management Service (KMS) data key.
Digital watermarkDigital watermark
SubmitDigitalWatermarkExtractJobSubmitDigitalWatermarkExtractJobSubmits a digital watermark extraction job. Digital watermarks are extracted in an asynchronous mode.
GetDigitalWatermarkExtractResultGetDigitalWatermarkExtractResultQueries the result of a digital watermark extraction job.
Secure download and cachingSecure download and caching
GenerateDownloadSecretKeyGenerateDownloadSecretKeyGenerates a key for secure download. ApsaraVideo Player SDK provides the secure download feature. Videos that are downloaded to your local device in this mode are encrypted. You can play the encrypted videos only by using the key file generated from the app that you specified. Secure download protects your videos from malicious playback or distribution.

Data statistics

Resource usageResource usage
DescribeVodDomainUsageDataDescribeVodDomainUsageDataQueries the traffic or bandwidth data of one or more accelerated domain names.
DescribeVodStorageDataDescribeVodStorageDataQueries the usage of storage-related resources, including the storage volume and outbound traffic.
DescribeVodTranscodeDataDescribeVodTranscodeDataQueries the transcoding statistics.
DescribeVodAIDataDescribeVodAIDataQueries the statistics on video AI of different types, such as automated review and media fingerprinting.
Playback statisticsPlayback statistics
DescribePlayTopVideosDescribePlayTopVideosQueries daily playback statistics on top videos, including video views, unique visitors, and total playback duration.
DescribePlayUserAvgDescribePlayUserAvgQueries the statistics on average playback each day in a specified time range.
DescribePlayUserTotalDescribePlayUserTotalQueries the daily playback statistics in a specified time range.
DescribePlayVideoStatisDescribePlayVideoStatisQueries daily playback statistics on a video in the specified time range.

Multi-application service

Application managementApplication management
CreateAppInfoCreateAppInfoCreates an application.
DeleteAppInfoDeleteAppInfoDeletes an application.
UpdateAppInfoUpdateAppInfoUpdates the information about an application.
GetAppInfosGetAppInfosQueries the information about one or more applications based on application IDs.
ListAppInfoListAppInfoQueries the applications that you are authorized to manage based on query conditions.
AddVodStorageForAppAddVodStorageForAppBinds a storage bucket to one or more applications in ApsaraVideo VOD.
Authorization managementAuthorization management
AttachAppPolicyToIdentityAttachAppPolicyToIdentityGrants a RAM user or RAM role permissions to access ApsaraVideo VOD applications.
DetachAppPolicyFromIdentityDetachAppPolicyFromIdentityRevokes application permissions from the specified identity. The identity may be a RAM user or RAM role.
ListAppPoliciesForIdentityListAppPoliciesForIdentityQueries the application policies that are attached to the specified identity. The identity may be a RAM user or RAM role.
Resource migrationResource migration
MoveAppResourceMoveAppResourceMigrates resources between applications. The application administrator can directly migrate resources between applications. Resource Access Management (RAM) users or RAM roles must obtain the write permissions on the source and destination applications before they migrate resources between applications. Multiple resources can be migrated at a time.

Global configurations

Storage managementStorage management
SetCrossdomainContentSetCrossdomainContentUpdates the cross-domain policy file crossdomain.xml.
Event notificationsEvent notifications
DeleteMessageCallbackDeleteMessageCallbackDeletes the callback method, callback URL, and event type of an event notification.
SetMessageCallbackSetMessageCallbackSets the callback method, callback URL, and event type of an event notification.
GetMessageCallbackGetMessageCallbackQueries the callback method, callback URL, and event type for event notifications.