This topic describes the service of Global Accelerator (GA). Each GA instance is an acceleration service running on a global scale. GA provides six types of GA instance specifications with different acceleration capabilities to help you meet the diverse needs in different scenarios.

GA overview-international site

After you create a GA instance, you must configure a bandwidth plan and set acceleration areas. GA assigns an accelerated IP address to each acceleration region in an acceleration area. Clients from an acceleration region can connect to the nearest access point of the Alibaba Cloud global network through the accelerated IP address. GA then automatically selects routes to distribute client requests to the optimal endpoints to avoid network congestion and reduce network latency. Endpoints can be IP addresses or domain names of origin servers.

Instance specifications

GA supports the following types of instance specifications: Small I, Small II, Small III, Medium I, Medium II, and Medium III. The acceleration performance can vary based on the instance specification.
Instance specification Number of acceleration regions Peak bandwidth Maximum number of concurrent connections
Small I 1 20 Mbps 5,000
Small II 2 40 Mbps 10,000
Small III 3 60 Mbps 15,000
Medium I 5 100 Mbps 25,000
Medium II 8 160 Mbps 40,000
Medium III 10 200 Mbps 50,000
Large Ⅰ All supported regions 400 Mbps 100,000
Large Ⅱ All supported regions 600 Mbps 150,000