Intelligent Monitor is a system that monitors and analyzes nodes in DataWorks. This module monitors the status of nodes and sends alerts based on the intervals, notification methods, and recipients specified in alert triggers. Bills are generated based on the baseline instances that are generated by Intelligent Monitor. This topic describes the billing details of Intelligent Monitor.

Billable items

All enabled baselines generate baseline instances. You are billed based on the number of baseline instances that are generated before 23:59 each day.
Note Intelligent Monitor sends alert notifications by text messages. You are charged for text messages.

Billing cycles and prices

The following table describes the billing cycles and prices of Intelligent Monitor.
Billable item Billing tier (Number of baseline instances that are generated per day) Billing cycle Unit price (USD/day)
Baseline instances generated by Intelligent Monitor 1~2 Daily 0
3~10 Daily 0.77
11~100 Daily 3.10


At 00:00 every day, the billing system starts to calculate the number of baseline instances that were run on the previous business day and deducts a fee based on only one of the pricing tiers that are specified in the preceding billing standards. No additional fee is generated.
  • The billing system bills one baseline instance for an hourly baseline of a node that is scheduled to run at intervals of hours.
  • The upper limit of baseline instances for enabled baselines that are billed based on the pay-as-you-go billing method is 100 per day. After the upper limit is reached, no more baseline instances can be generated. If you need more baseline instances per day, submit a ticket to seek technical help from Alibaba Cloud.

Overdue payments

If your Alibaba Cloud account has an overdue payment, you are given a 24-hour grace period and the billing system sends you notifications at the 12th and 23rd hours. After you receive a notification, you must add funds to your Alibaba Cloud account as soon as possible.
  • If your bill is overdue for more than 24 hours, the service will be suspended. In this case, no more baseline instances can be generated, but baseline instances that have been started are not affected.
  • If you add funds to your Alibaba Cloud account within 24 hours after your bill becomes overdue, the service will not be suspended. If the service payment becomes overdue again after settlement, you are given another 24-hour grace period before the service is suspended.