Before you can use the data API to generate a service, you must configure the data source in advance. Data Service allows you to obtain schema information of data tables from data sources and handle API requests.

You can configure a data source on the data integration > data source page in the dataworks console, support for different data source types and how to configure them is shown in the following table.
Data source name Wizard mode to generate data API Script Mode generation data API Configuration method
RDS (ApsaraDB for RDS) Supported Supported The RDS includes MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server.
DRDS Supported Supported Configure a DRDS connection
MySQL Supported Supported Configure a MySQL connection
PostgreSQL Supported Supported Configure a PostgreSQL connection
SQL Server Supported Supported Configure an SQL Server connection
Oracle Supported Supported Configure an Oracle connection
AnalyticDB(ADS) Supported Supported No
Table Store(OTS) Yes No Configure a Table Store connection
MongoDB Supported No Configure a MongoDB connection