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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2018

ApsaraVideo Live offers a web-based management console, APIs, and software development kits that help to use and manage live video services and integrate them with your own apps and services.

All ApsaraVideo Live services are billed by usage, and service capacity is scalable. Moreover, features such as simple architecture designs, better programming development and low maintenance costs help you to focus on building your business logic and enhance user experience.Download PDF

Live screenshot

API Description
AddLiveAppSnapshotConfig Add screenshot configuration.
DeleteLiveAppSnapshotConfig Delete screenshot configuration.
DescribeLiveSnapshotConfig Query screenshot configuration of the domain name.
DescribeLiveStreamSnapshotInfo Query the screenshot information.
UpdateLiveAppSnapshotConfig Update screenshot configuration.


API Description
DeleteLivePullStreamInfoConfig Delete pull-stream information.
AddLivePullStreamInfoConfig Add pull-stream information.
DescribeLivePullStreamConfig Describe pull-stream configuration under the domain name.

Live detection

API Description
AddLiveSnapshotDetectPornConfig Configurate live stream detection based on the domain name and App level.
AddLiveDetectNotifyConfig Add notification URL.
DescribeLiveSnapshotDetectPornConfig Query detection configuration.
DescribeLiveDetectNotifyConfig Query notification URL.
UpdateLiveSnapshotDetectPornConfig Update detection configuration interface.
UpdateLiveDetectNotifyConfig Update notification URL.
DeleteLiveSnapshotDetectPornConfig Delete the detection configuration interface.
DeleteLiveDetectNotifyConfig Delete notification URL.


API Description
SetLiveStreamsNotifyUrlConfig Set the URL which the live stream information is pushed to.
DescribeLiveStreamsNotifyUrlConfig Query the configuration of streaming callback.
DeleteLiveStreamNotifyUrlConfig Delete configuration of streaming callback.

Live recording

API Description
AddLiveAppRecordConfig Configure APP recording, the output content is stored in OSS.
DeleteLiveAppRecordConfig Delete the recording configuration.
DescribeLiveRecordConfig Query the recording configuration of all the apps under the domain name.
DescribeLiveStreamRecordContent Query the recording content.
CreateLiveStreamRecordIndexFiles Create a record index file.
DescribeLiveStreamRecordIndexFile Query an individual recording index file.
DescribeLiveStreamRecordIndexFiles Query the record index file.
AddLiveRecordNotifyConfig Add a domain name-level record callback config.
DeleteLiveRecordNotifyConfig Delete a domain name-level record callback config.
DescribeLiveRecordNotifyConfig Describe domain name-level record callback config.
UpdateLiveRecordNotifyConfig Update domain name-level record callback config.

Live streams management

API Description
ForbidLiveStream Forbid publishing a stream. You can set a time to resume streaming.
DescribeLiveStreamsBlockList Get the live stream playing blacklist under the domain name.
DescribeLiveStreamsControlHistory Get the operation history on a live stream under a domain name or app.
DescribeLiveStreamsOnlineList View the information of all the streams being pushed under a specific domain name (or an app under a specified domain name).
DescribeLiveStreamsPublishList View the streaming history of a domain name (or an app under the domain name) within a period of time.
ResumeLiveStream Resume the publishing of a stream.
DescribeLiveStreamsFrameRateAndBitRateData Real-time query of frame rate and bit rate.
DescribeLiveStreamBitRateData Get the frame rate and bit rate in a set time range of a rtmp-based live stream. Applicable for getting history data.

Live transcoding

API Description
AddLiveStreamTranscode Add transcoding configuration information.
DeleteLiveStreamTranscode Delete transcoding configuration.
DescribeLiveStreamTranscodeInfo Query transcoding configuration information.
AddCustomLiveStreamTranscode Add custom transcode configuration information.
AddTrancodeSEI Add transcode SEI information.

Resource monitoring

API Description
DescribeLiveStreamHistoryUserNum Query history user number of live streams.
DescribeLiveStreamOnlineUserNum Get the number of real-time online users of the live stream.
DescribeLiveDomainBpsData Query the network bandwidth data of a live domain name.
DescribeLiveDomainTrafficData Query the network traffic data of a live domain name.
DescribeLiveDomainTranscodeData Query the duration of transcoding data of a live domain name.
DescribeLiveDomainRecordData Query the data of live domain name recording duration.
DescribeLiveDomainSnapshotData Query the number of screenshot data of a live domain name.