Introduction APIs

Last Updated: May 04, 2017

API Description
DescribeLiveStreamsPublishList View the information of all the streams under a domain name
DescribeLiveStreamsOnlineList View the information of all the streams being pushed under a specified domain name (or a specified appname under a specified domain name)
DescribeLiveStreamsBlockList Get the stream playing blacklist
DescribeLiveStreamsControlHistory View all the stream control histories under a domain name
DescribeLiveStreamOnlineUserNum Get the number of online users of a live stream. Query by domain name or stream is supported;
ForbidLiveStream Stop a live stream
ResumeLiveStream Start a live stream
SetLiveStreamsNotifyUrlConfig Set the URL the live information should be pushed to
DescribeLiveStreamsFrameRateAndBitRateData Get the frame rate and bit rate of a live stream. Query by domain name or stream is supported.
AddLiveStreamTranscode Add transcoding configuration
DeleteLiveStreamTranscode Delete transcoding configuration
DescribeLiveStreamTranscodeInfo Query transcoding configuration
AddLiveAppSnapshotConfig Add screenshot configuration
DeleteLiveAppSnapshotConfig Delete screenshot configuration
UpdateLiveAppSnapshotConfig Update screenshot configuration
DescribeLiveSnapshotConfig Query screenshot configuration of the domain name
DescribeLiveStreamSnapshotInfo Query the screenshot information
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