Global Accelerator (GA) is a global network acceleration service that features high availability and high performance. Before you use the GA service, you must create a GA instance.


  1. Log on to the Global Accelerator console.
  2. On the Instances page, click Create Instance.
  3. On the buy page, configure the required parameters as follows, and click Buy Now.
    1. Select the instance type of the GA instance.
      GA supports the following types of instance specifications: Small I, Small II, Small III, Medium I, Medium II, and Medium III. The acceleration performance varies, depending on the instance specification.
      Instance specification Number of acceleration regions Peak bandwidth Maximum number of concurrent connections
      Small I 1 20Mbps 5000
      Small II 2 40Mbps 10000
      Small III 3 60Mbps 15000
      Medium I 5 100Mbps 25000
      Medium II 8 160Mbps 40000
      Medium III 10 200Mbps 50000
    2. Select the subscription duration of the GA instance.