Higher I/O Performance

Higher application performance through scaling of read-only database instances

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With growing business needs, maintaining high performance of your application is crucial. Even the smallest of failures can lead to greater response time and hamper user experience. The traditional single instance database design may not be sufficient to meet a large volume of I/O requests.

Solution Architecture

  1. Many traditional, single instance database infrastructures lack the computing power to process a large volume of I/O requests. This infrastructure is built to reduce the burden from the database and does so by separating write and read requests into different database instances with an added Redis layer in the middle of the database and web hosting servers. ApsaraDB for Redis serves requests through cached responses which saves the effort of complex SQL queries and improves response time. ApsaraDB for RDS can also scale out more read-only instances and thereby easily handle more read requests.
  2. Highlights

    • Faster response time
    • High I/O performance
    • No single-point-of- failure (SPOF)
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