The Forrester Wave™: Public Cloud Development and Infrastructure Platforms in China, Q4 2022

In "The Forrester Wave™ Public Cloud Development and Infrastructure Platforms in China, Q4 2022 "Alibaba Cloud ranks as a leader. In the 2022 China report, Forrester evaluated 11 vendors across 34 criteria, and Alibaba received the highest score in the current offering and strategy categories. It noticed that customers in China have long turned to Alibaba for enterprise-class capabilities in public cloud and in recent years, Alibaba’s global reach has grown.

Elastic Container Instance

An agile and secure serverless container instance service.

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Object Storage Service (OSS)

Fully managed object storage service to store and access any amount of data from anywhere

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PolarDB is a cloud-native relational database compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.

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One-stop big data development and governance platform

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Machine Learning Platform for AI

An end-to-end platform that provides various machine learning algorithms to meet your data mining and analysis requirements.

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Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

A Kubernetes-based service that ensures high efficiency for enterprises by running containerized applications on the cloud

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Cloud Capabilities That Adapt To Local Needs Are Key To Future Fitness. In China, as in the rest of the world, the breadth of cloud services on PCDIPs still matters for enterprise customers, which prioritize cloud capabilities that adapt to the need for business innovation and tech modernization. Unify operations across hybrid cloud and edge with cloud-native infrastructure. A range of local business needs spanning security, governance, cost, and scalability have made hybrid cloud the norm for firms in China. Edge nodes in local zones across regions and provinces are also critical to power compute workloads with portability to cover the entire nation. To address the complexity of hybrid cloud and edge deployment, it is vital to embrace Kubernetes-powered cloud- native infrastructure to orchestrate workloads across distributed and heterogeneous environments. According to the report, Alibaba Cloud ranks as a strong performer and also a leader. In the China market report, a total of 11 cloud vendors were selected into the Forrester Wave. Vendors were evaluated across 34 criteria, grouped by Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence. Alibaba Cloud received the highest scores possible in 27 criteria.

Evaluation of Alibaba Cloud in this report:

• Alibaba Cloud is the leading cloud platform for modernization and innovation.

• Alibaba Cloud has continued to strengthen its infrastructure offerings by focusing on core tech such as self-developed chips and distributed cloud architecture in hybrid cloud and edge environments.

• Alibaba Cloud aims to provide one-stop development services spanning databases, data warehouses, big data analysis, AI/ML, and DevOps.

• Alibaba Cloud has comprehensive scenario-oriented industry solutions. Its broad partner ecosystem around services, solutions, channels, and developers helps enterprises and governments to boost modernization and innovation.

• Alibaba Cloud has superior capabilities for every service for operations platform enablement and application development and excellent developer experience.

• Alibaba Cloud has strong modernization services, edge/IoT services, edge/hybrid management services, AI/ML services, data and analytics services, database services, compute, storage, and security services, blockchain infrastructure, and development services.

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