Community Blog Revealed: The Four Key Technologies Behind Double 11

Revealed: The Four Key Technologies Behind Double 11

Find out more about how the cloud powers the technologies behind the biggest global shopping festival – Double 11.

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Find out more about how the cloud powers The Technologies behind the Biggest Global Shopping Festival in our latest whitepaper.

The Double 11 Global Shopping Festival is arguably the biggest day in the world of e-commerce. During the 2020 event, more than 800 million participating customers spent a total of US$74 billion GMV during this two-day spectacular.

This was all made possible by Alibaba Cloud. In this post, we examine the four key technologies that not only enable this mass-scale event but also protect the billions of consumers and businesses taking part.

Key Technology #1: Elastic Computing

The elasticity of the cloud allows businesses to seamlessly scale to meet demand, even for the massive peaks seen during an event like the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival.

Our Elastic Compute Service (ECS) is the foundation on which many of our cloud-based products and services sit, providing a high-performance, stable, reliable and scalable IaaS-level solution.

During Double 11, ECS was also used with our Server Load Balancer (SLB) traffic distribution and control service, which distributes inbound traffic among multiple instances. By integrating SLB with Auto Scaling, our backend servers were also able to scale up dynamically to guarantee the stability and availability of web servers.

Based on next-generation virtualization technology, our ECS Bare Metal Instances (EBMs) also played a critical role during the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival, providing the elasticity of a virtual server and performance of a physical server.

Key Technology #2: Intelligent Media Management

Our multimedia services were fundamental to drive engagement and enable a smooth user experience during the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival, with highlights including:

  • Object Storage Service (OSS): OSS stored all the images and videos for the Taobao and Tmall online shopping sites. Its low latency and high availability guaranteed a smooth user experience during the shopping festival.
  • ApsaraVideo Live: ApsaraVideo Live provided 4K live streaming to deliver the celebrity-laden Double 11 Festival Gala Show to an online audience of over 25 million.
  • CDN and Dynamic Route for CDN: with more than 2,300 CDN nodes inside mainland China and more than 500 CDN nodes in regions outside mainland China, Alibaba Cloud CDN (Content Delivery Network) provided and reserved over 100 Tbps of bandwidth for dozens of services during Double 11.
  • Elastic GPU Service: During the promotion period of Double 11, a massive amount of AI and video/image transcoding was performed using our Elastic GPU Service, helping businesses stand out in this highly competitive online space using rich, interactive content.

Key Technology #3: Reliable Databases

Our databases enabled 140 million queries per second, with more than 2.3 billion orders generated by the end of the 2020 event.

The ApsaraDB umbrella provided most of the database services during Double 11, with AnalyticDB,our-developed cloud-native data warehouse, processing up to 7.7 trillion lines of real-time data during the 2019 event. That’s equivalent to 15 times the data contained in the UK web archive at the British Library.

A range of additional data-driven solutions also helped to optimize the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival. Our IoT Platform, for example, helped accurately track and expedite deliveries. We have also worked with Cainiao, helping this logistics arm of the Alibaba Group digitize and streamline its operations.

Key Technology #4: End-to-end Security

During the 2019 Double 11 event, the Alibaba Cloud platform created 2,836 real-time analysis records for e-commerce platforms including Tmall and Taobao, blocking 4,730,000 attacks on these platforms. We also successfully defended against 1,917 DDoS attacks, some of which were as high as 223 Gbps in volume.

This was only possible thanks to our range of comprehensive security solutions. These include Web Application Firewall (WAF), Anti-DDoS Premium, and Threat Detection Service.

To summarize, the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival is a major event for retailers and, every year, it realizes more sales and records than ever before. This is only possible thanks to the range of innovative cloud-based solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud.

Download Our Whitepaper

Alibaba Cloud is a world-class cloud provider with extensive experience in the e-commerce industry. To find out more about our work during Double 11, download our new whitepaper The Technologies behind the Biggest Global Shopping Festival.

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