Community Blog Cloud-Native Technology on the Core System of Double 11 for Higher Efficiency and Lower Costs

Cloud-Native Technology on the Core System of Double 11 for Higher Efficiency and Lower Costs

This article gives a short overview of how cloud computing helped with some of the achievements during the 2020 Double 11 Global Shopping Festival.

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By Alibaba Developer

The 2020 Double 11 Global Shopping Festival was a huge success, witnessing a world record-breaking GMV of US$74.1 billion! The first order peak appeared at 0:00:26 on November 11 and exceeded numbers from 2019's shopping festival, with a record of 583,000 orders created per second at peak. Despite the high traffic, customers still enjoyed a stable and smooth experience. For the 12th year in a row, Alibaba completed another Double 11 Global Shopping Festival without any major issues.


It was reported that the cloud-native core system brought surging power and ultimate efficiency during the shopping festival. The IT cost of every 10,000 transactions has dropped 80% compared with four years ago, and the delivery efficiency of scale application has doubled.

Ding Yu, Researcher and the Head of Cloud-Native Application Platform in Alibaba Cloud

Ding Yu, the Head of Cloud-Native Application Platform in Alibaba Cloud, revealed that the 2020 Double 11 Global Shopping Festival triggered many "firsts" in cloud-native. For example, 80% of the core services were deployed on Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK), which could scale-out over one million containers within one hour. Serverless was applied on a large scale for the first time, and the auto scaling was improved more than ten times over. The peak call volumes of cloud-native middleware exceeded ten billion queries per second (QPS). Also, the cloud-native database PolarDB and cloud-native data warehouse AnalyticDB were applied on a large scale for the first time, improving read and write performance by 50% and transactions per second (TPS) by 100 times, respectively.

Computing records are constantly being broken. Flink's processing peak value reached four billion records per second. This is similar to reading all five million entries in the Xinhua Dictionary 1,000 times in about one second. MaxCompute's computing data volume reached 1.7EB per day. This is the equivalent of processing 230 high-definition photos for more than seven billion people. PolarDB set a new processing peak, with TPS reaching 140 million, 60% higher than last year. AnalyticDB processes 7.7 trillion rows of real-time data, corresponding to the total amount of data in more than five national libraries.

Cloud-native technologies have not only been extensively used in Alibaba, but they have also provided services for the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival through Alibaba Cloud. We can look at the logistics industry as an example. China Post introduced the cloud-native databases PolarDB-X and AnalyticDB to handle billions of business orders during the shopping festival. It provided about 100,000 users to query the real-time status of their parcels at the same time. STO Express moved its core system onto the cloud and used Alibaba Cloud Container Service to obtain a stable system for millions of parcels in transit with 30% less IT costs. Cainiao also used real-time computing Flink and interactive analysis MaxCompute to analyze parcels. Its synchronization time of the overall data process was reduced from one hour to only three minutes, significantly improving the efficiency of parcel flow.

Based on technical practice for over ten years, Alibaba Cloud has a comprehensive suite of cloud-native products and open-source ecosystem. More than 100 innovative products have been provided, including cloud-native bare metal instances, cloud-native databases, container services, and microservices.

Ding Yu said, "Cloud-native is the quickest way to access the benefits of cloud computing, and these core technologies are also being opened to the public through Alibaba Cloud."

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