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Joining Alibaba Cloud Academy October Challenge

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud Academy’s October Challenge, a 4-week program to enhance knowledge and skills in Alibaba Cloud products.


Are you ready to enhance your knowledge and skills in Alibaba Cloud products? Join the October Challenge and embark on a 4-week journey to acquire a fundamental and solid understanding of Alibaba Cloud offerings. By participating in this challenge, you not only gain valuable insights but also have the opportunity to earn a FREE ACA Certification Exam and a FREE Membership.

Why Should You Take the Challenge?

  1. Expand your knowledge: Use these 4 weeks to delve into the intricacies of Alibaba Cloud products and gain a strong foundation in cloud computing.
  2. Valuable rewards: On successfully completing the challenge, you will have the chance to earn a FREE ACA Certification Exam and a FREE Membership.
  3. Stay ahead of the curve: The cloud industry is constantly evolving. By participating in this challenge, you will be better equipped to adapt and keep up with the ever-changing landscape.

When Can You Take the Challenge?

The October Challenge is a month-long event, starting from October 9 to November 5. The application for the challenge will close on November 4, 12:00 PM UTC+8.

How Can You Receive a Reward?

Click here to join the October Challenge. After registration, our team will review your progress. You will receive the reward notification via email within 5 working days. We appreciate your patience during this process.

The October Challenge consists of two paths:

  • Membership Challenge Path
  • ACA Cloud Computing Challenge Path.

Take this opportunity to enhance your knowledge, gain valuable certifications, and excel in the cloud computing industry.

Membership Challenge Path

1.  Apsara Clouder: Beginner's Guide to MySQL:

Take Exam

2.  Apsara Clouder: Getting Started with Machine Learning & AI

Take Exam

3.  Apsara Clouder: Intro to Big Data Architectures

Take Exam

ACA Cloud Computing Challenge Path

1.  6th Generation Elastic Compute Service Technical Essentials: Gain a thorough understanding of what's new with Alibaba Cloud’s 6th Generation ECS

Take Exam

2.  Operate and Manage a Cloud Server: Learn how to manage and operate a cloud server.

Take Exam

3.  Handle Large Traffic with Load Balancer: Learn to use Alibaba Cloud SLB to help your website to handle large incoming user traffic

Take Exam

4.  How to Manage relational database with RDS: Quickly learn the concepts and features of RDS and how to use the RDS console to host and manage a SQL database.

Take Exam

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