Community Blog Joining Alibaba Cloud Academy Partner Learning Portal - Part 1

Joining Alibaba Cloud Academy Partner Learning Portal - Part 1

This article introduces Alibaba Cloud Academy partner learning portal and explains how to join as an Alibaba Cloud partner to enjoy free learning materials and exams.


What Is Alibaba Cloud Academy Partner Learning Portal?

The Alibaba Cloud Academy is the Training and Certification arm of Alibaba Cloud. The Academy offers hundreds of online and offline certification courses that prepare customers, partners, and developers to tackle Cloud solutions with Alibaba Cloud products. We also offer certifications that are divided into 3 categories: Professional, Specialty, and Clouder.

Alibaba Cloud Academy Partner Learning Portal is an online learning platform created by Alibaba Cloud Academy specifically for Alibaba Cloud channel, technology, MSP, and other partners. Its mission is to provide Alibaba Cloud partners with a great journey and reach a win-win situation by providing valuable and up-to-date training and certifying support.

Why Join Alibaba Cloud Academy Partner Learning Portal?

Just as Alibaba Cloud partners help their customers grow and upscale their business on one of the most popular cloud ecosystems, the academy learning portal helps partners to fully understand and engage in our products and services by offering exclusive learning resources. If you join the Alibaba Cloud Academy partner learning portal, you can access the latest training on Alibaba Cloud technologies to experiment, build, and deliver differentiated customer offerings. On top of connecting with Alibaba Cloud to enhance the value of your unique offerings with resources, programs, and benefits that drive greater profitability, you can take advantage of the global reach, scalability, expertise, and robustness of Alibaba Cloud to expand your customer base and identify new opportunities.

In short, advantages are as follows:

  • Explore specifically designed enablement options for Alibaba Cloud partners, including online training courses, classroom training, certifications and solution best practices.
  • Complete the suggested learning path to pursue Alibaba Cloud Certification, helping you and your organization build credibility in the industry.
  • Follow with solution and best practices shared by Alibaba cloud, helping you success in your specific area of focus.
  • Support the enablement from partner onboarding to tier upgrade; receive the latest product release and news from Alibaba Cloud.

How to Join the Alibaba Cloud Academy Partner Learning Portal

Whether you are beginning to build your business or looking to expand it, join Alibaba Cloud Academy partner learning portal at no cost and leverage training, enablement resources, well-architected tools, and more.

Step 1: Sign up for an Account on Alibaba Cloud

Before joining the partner learning portal, please make sure you already have a personal Alibaba Cloud account (Please be noted that the RAM account cannot be used on the portal). If you have not registered an Alibaba Cloud account before, or your account does not meet the requirements, please register your personal Alibaba Cloud account according to this document.


Step 2: Contact Your Learning Administrator to Join the Partner Portal

Each partner needs to nominate a learning admin. The nominee shall create an individual Alibaba Cloud account and provide the account ID, email address, and official company name to your Alibaba Cloud Business Development (BD). You need to ask the learning admin to send you an invitation link. After you accept the invitation and get approval from the learning admin, you have successfully joined the partner portal.


Step 3: Add a Learning Path

Visit the Partner Central Login and select partner type to visit the learning path. Choose a partner type based on your role to continue. We have channel partners, technical partners, and serving partners. After you select the role from the learning path page, click Join to add this path to your account. You can find all the e-courses under My Learning -> My Course:


Please check the Learning Portal Tutorial for more details.

Step 4: Partner Training and Certification

Access the Alibaba Cloud Partner Certification Page and check the exam schedule. Choose a suitable date and fill in the exam application form to receive an exam voucher and guide via email 1-2 work days before the exam date. The following exams are free for Alibaba Cloud Academy partner learning portal members:

  • ACA Cloud Computing Certification
  • ACA Cloud Security Certification
  • ACA Big Data Certification
  • ACA Cloud-Native Certification
  • ACA System Operator Certification
  • ACA Developer Certification
  • ACA Database Certification
  • ACA Business User Certification Exam
  • ACP Cloud Computing Certification


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