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Benefits of Joining a Membership on Alibaba Cloud Academy

Check out the three reasons why you should join an Alibaba Cloud Academy membership!

So you‘ve decided to embark on a cloud learning journey with Alibaba Cloud Academy - congrats! Now what? Among all the learning materials, you probably want to maximize your experience by getting the most out of it with minimum cost and time. Consider how membership can help get the most value from online training materials in terms of reduced cost, if you haven’t already subscribed to our membership, now is a good time to consider setting up a payment method and becoming a member. 

But first, how much does the membership cost? What benefits could it bring you, and why should you get it?

Well, Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership allows you to learn from experienced trainers and coaches in fields like cloud computing, security, database, and devops at only $19.99 USD per year. Specifically, the materials and services below are available for members, offered in a variety of formats.

Why should I sign up for a membership?

Subscribing to Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership brings you 3 irresistible benefits, let’s jump to it!

Benefits #1 Unlimited online learning

Enjoy unlimited access to all e-learning materials, including professional exam preparation course. 

You’ve probably noticed that some of our courses are not free, most courses charge very little to register — in fact, a clouder can be as inexpensive as $0.01 as they are at a discount price. And one of the most important membership benefits is actually one of the simplest ones: cross-platform content offered for free to Alibaba Cloud Academy members. Now with membership, instead of paying for individual courses or clouders one by one, you  will have access to all the materials trouble-free!

0acb67aa081d9d679f50845671ffd22a4107e4ffBenefits #2 Free Access to Apsara Clouder Certifications

A cool way to start your cloud journey

Too intimidated by the exam preparation courses? Perhaps you would like to get a quick take on a certain cloud topic which is usually less than an hour. Short videos offering key takeaways on a wide range of topics, from Alibaba product functions, cloud skills to trending topics and more… In Minutes you'll get a condensed taste of the industry’s sought-after hack. Alibaba Cloud Academy Training Team constantly updates the contents so members have access to just-in-time quality cloud technology education.

f86d4d6de2112481b2a7fd11735b343497a687acDiscover, explore and have fun! Pick a topic you’d like to learn. The topic can be pretty general to start if you just want to look around or get a taste of everything. Put in the keyword terms you have in mind on the search box and start from there, get the move on!

Some topics or angles that you could start learning right away are:

  1. 6th Generation Elastic Compute Service Technical Essentials

  2. Alibaba Cloud Relational Database Service Technical Operations

  3. Alibaba Cloud Network Solution

  4. Use Alibaba Cloud CND To Accelerate Your Content Globally
  5. Introduction To Big Data Platform On The Cloud

Benefits #3 Free Access to Apsara Specialty Certifications

Dive deeper into a specific domain

If Clouder Certification Courses take you on a quick product function tour, then Specialties take you on a deeper dive into a trending topic. It’s a perfect way to test your knowledge in a specific domain, such as data science or cloud migration. Like a Clouder, a Specialty also includes courses and certification exams. However, Specialties are categorized learning paths that usually go beyond a few hours of content. Members could save course registration fees for a Specialty learning path, in addition to saving 4 times of re-taking on Certification exams if you failed it the first time. This will allow you to further grow your skills and develop even more as a professional.

6b62d61ef4e80f4ef093dc0d4e5b18c86412f569Tips: You also get a maximum of 4 opportunities to take each Apsara Clouder and Specialty certification

Where can I enjoy membership perks on the Academy platform?

You will be wondering how you could apply the membership benefits to real use. Actually, there are various ways where you can enjoy the perk to the fullest. Let’s take a look at some of them.

14 Days Challenge

Say you have your eyes on the ACA certifications and want to go ahead and sign up for one. To register for the exam on PearsonVue, the partner exam center of Alibaba Cloud Academy, a registration fee of 120 dollars is needed. On the other hand, you could also take the exam by online proctoring, and that’s where membership benefits come in.

779c643f10d6230826fc0bff5263049ee8f3ea9fAs you’ve heard about professional exams on cloud computing but you are still hesitating due to price issue, the time for excuses is over because we’ll cover your first ACA exam costs if you join and complete the 14 Days Challenge. Also, we will also provide helpful preparation courses to simplify your certifying efforts.

So what is the 14 Days Challenge?

It’s an activity that requires applicants to pass 3 Clouders under a challenge path within 14 days, and the prize of a FREE ACA Certification Exam will be given. It’s a great way to see if you are committed to learning some knowledge in those subjects that you are passionate about.

Now with membership perks, you will not be paying for any of the Clouders. What are you waiting for? Grab a plate and take the challenge to earn an ACA Certification Exam completely for free!

Here are seven popular certification exams to choose from:

  1. ACA Cloud Computing Certification Exam

  2. ACA Cloud Security Certification Exam

  3. ACA Big Data Certification Exam

  4. ACA Cloud Native Certification Exam

  5. ACA Developer Certification Exam

  6. ACA System Operator Certification Exam
  7. ACA Database Certification Exam 

Classroom Trainings

Alibaba Cloud Academy offers classroom trainings every month on topics like Professional Certification Exam preparation. The fully online, free-of-charge training launched every month led by Alibaba Cloud Academy has helped many to gain an advantage in cloud products, including cloud practitioner beginners. As Alibaba Cloud Academy is in collaboration with various institutions, universities as well as cooperations, the training course will be delivering the most updated lectures to all, in English and other languages as well. All interested in Alibaba Cloud's core products and services are welcome to take part in the classroom training with a live Q&A session. Self-paced digital learning combined with instructor lead training is the best of both worlds! Why not take advantage and benefit from Alibaba Cloud Academy's most experienced instructor who aspires to help assist you with the Certification Exam and achieve your career ambition?

 What is a Professional Certification Exam?

Our Professional certifications are the highest-level certification offered and wholly demonstrate a user's Alibaba Cloud capability. It unlocks career potential and demonstrates your job readiness to employers. The certification courses prepare customers, partners, and developers to tackle Cloud solutions with Alibaba Cloud products.

After the training, if you would like to recap what you learned during the classroom session, here are the Professional certification preparation courses which are specifically designed for exam- readiness that you could learn, at any time, anywhere.


Online learning has quickly become one of the most popular ways of self-educating and obtaining information and knowledge. More people are willing to pay for quality contents online than ever before. Pursuing certifications is always a good idea, which will help you get noticed by your employer upon hire. The badges earned can be transferred to your resume which further benefits your professional development. In a highly digital world, it’s hard to think of a successful learner that doesn’t have at least tried scaling their career with accredited learning. Eventually, the cost of courses and certifications will pay off in the new skills leveled up, job growth, salary increases, promotions, and lateral moves.

If you need any help regarding membership subscribing, get in touch with the Training Team here and our support will help as best they can and answer any questions you might have.

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