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How to Set up an Alibaba Cloud Serverless Kubernetes Cluster

This article explains how to set up an Alibaba Cloud serverless Kubernetes cluster.

By Kelvin Galabuzi

What Is Alibaba Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)?

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes is a highly reliable and scalable Kubernetes service. ACK is certified by the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and provides the capability to deploy production-grade containerized applications on Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud provides multiple ways to set up your Kubernetes clusters, including managed Kubernetes, serverless Kubernetes, dedicated Kubernetes, managed edge Kubernetes, and registering clusters from other infrastructure.

This article explains how to set up an Alibaba Cloud Serverless Kubernetes Cluster. ACK Serverless comes with a variety of features which include:

  • Virtual Nodes: All pods are created on virtual nodes that have elasticity enabled. You do not need to worry about the Elastic Computing Capacity of your nodes since Serverless Kubernetes uses multiple nodes, which are automatically scaled and managed by Alibaba Cloud.
  • High Reliability for Master Nodes: Alibaba Serverless Kubernetes (ASK) Pro provides management of large clusters and ensures that the etcd store is always backed up and available in disaster recovery situations.
  • Alibaba Serverless Kubernetes (ASK) Pro provides availability monitoring and observability metrics to ensure full visibility into your containerized workloads to enable continuous serving user traffic.
  • Alibaba Serverless Kubernetes (ASK) Pro provides advanced security management where you can use keys created in Key Management Service (KMS) to encrypt Kubernetes secrets.
  • Alibaba Serverless Kubernetes (ASK) Pro also provides SLA guarantees of up to 99.95% for the cluster API Server.

Creating an Alibaba Serverless Kubernetes Cluster

We will set up an Alibaba Serverless Kubernetes Pro Cluster from the Alibaba Cloud console in the following section.

  • Step 1: In the Alibaba Cloud console, access the Container Service for Kubernetes under the Containers category:


  • Step 2: Select Serverless Kubernetes, assign the Cluster Name, set the Cluster Specification, Region, Kubernetes Version, VPC, Zone, and other settings available:


  • Step 3: You can also expose the API Server to the Internet with the EIP and add labels if required. Click Next: Component Configurations:


  • Step 4: On the next page, select the service discovery method you prefer, select whether you prefer Ingress, monitoring service, or log service, and click Next: Confirm Order:


  • Step 5: The next page shows the summary of the cluster configurations. Accept the Terms of Service for Serverless Kubernetes and click Create Cluster:


  • Step 6: On the next screen, logs showing the creation of the cluster will be presented until complete cluster creation:


  • Step 7: Finally, you can confirm that the cluster is available in Container Service for the Kubernetes console:


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