Community Blog How to Choose the Most Suitable Database to Empower Your Business with Proven Performance

How to Choose the Most Suitable Database to Empower Your Business with Proven Performance

This blog aims to guide you in choosing the right type of database to meet the specific needs of your business.

Choosing the right type of database to meet specific business needs may be tricky but we are here to help. Alibaba Cloud database services provide comprehensive products and solutions that you may need to empower your business. Our extensive portfolio of cloud database solutions supports all mainstream open-source databases, some commercial databases, and can be grouped into five categories:

Cloud Database Dedicated Cluster (CDDC): Suitable for a self-built database, autonomous and a controllable database service cluster on Alibaba Cloud.

On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) : Suitable for a transaction database.

On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) : Suitable for data analysis and business intelligence.

NoSQL: Suitable for database caching, especially for wide column data store and document data store.

Utility Tools: Database tools for you to migrate, manage, optimize, backup, and recover your database with effectiveness

Now that we are familiar with the product categories, let's explore more on choosing the most suitable database instance to empower your business with proven performance, reliability, and security.

Cloud Database Dedicated Cluster

ApsaraDB for MyBase is a dedicated service for managing databases on the cloud, ideal for large and medium-sized enterprises. It allows users to use dedicated cloud resources, independently perform O&M operations, and deploy different types of database instances in the cluster. ApsaraDB for MyBase enables flexible resource scheduling and meets user requirements for regulatory compliance, high performance, and security.

OLTP/Transactional Database Selection

On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) involves PolarDB and RDS.

ApsaraDB for PolarDB is a cloud-native RDBMS compatible with MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle. PolarDB uses an architecture where computing is decoupled from storage; all the compute nodes of PolarDB clusters share the same physical storage. PolarDB allows you to upgrade or downgrade instance specifications within a few minutes, and to perform fault recovery within several seconds, ensuring global data consistency.

Perhaps the most important feature of PolarDB is that it provides the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases and the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of open-source databases. PolarDB supports up to 100 TB of data and is 6 times faster than standard MySQL databases in high concurrency scenarios.

ApsaraDB for RDS is a relational cloud database service and is available for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and MariaDB. It enables you to manage, backup, and recover your database with availability and scalability. The MySQL version of ApsaraDB supports MySQL 5.5, 5.6, 5.7, and 8.0, and allows you to create RDS instances through the RDS console or APIs within a few minutes.


OLAP/Data Warehouse/Analytical Database Selection

On-Line Analytics Processing (OLAP) products include AnalyticDB for MySQL, AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL, and Data Lake Analytics.

  • AnalyticDB for MySQL can process petabytes of data with high concurrency and low latency and is highly compatible with the MySQL ecosystem.
  • AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL is a full data warehousing service that allows you to focus on upgrading enterprise productivity through SQL development. Businesses with on-premises data warehouse infrastructure can migrate to Greenplum based AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL, such as Teradata and Oracle RAC.
  • Data Lake Analytics is a ready to use service, which utilizes serverless architecture. It doesn't require any ETL tools, which allows you to efficiently retrieve and analyze data from multiple data sources or locations with extremely low costs.


NoSQL/Purpose-built Database Selection

The flexibility of the NoSQL database allows it to create interactive and highly-scalable applications. ApsaraDB for MongoDB and ApsaraDB for Redis lets you fully experience the power of MongoDB and Redis. Time Series Database (TSDB) enables you to manipulate large amounts of data points and collect data more frequently especially for IoT and 5G scenarios.

ApsaraDB for HBase and ApsaraDB for Cassandra are completely compatible with the open-source HBase and Cassandra and are more powerful both in performance and service availability with further enterprise-level capabilities, which is working with the Alibaba Group's core businesses including Taobao and Alipay (Ant Finance).


Database Tools/Utilities Selection

In addition to database management systems, Alibaba Cloud provides a wide variety of database utility tools to help you with all your business needs. With products including DAS, DBS, DTS, DMS, DG, and ADAM, you can migrate, manage, optimize, backup, recovery your database easily and effectively.

  • Data Transmission Service (DTS) supports data migration and data synchronization between data engines, which builds a data highway linking OLTP relational database, NoSQL, and OLAP.
  • Database Backup (DBS) enables you to back up your data in real-time from multiple environments (on-cloud or off-cloud.)
  • Database Autonomy Service (DAS), a self-driving database platform, is a cloud service that implements self-perception, self-repair, self-optimization, and self-security based on machine learning and expert experience to enhance your database security and availability.
  • Database Management Service (DMS) with Enterprise edition provides you with a data and database management solution with security and efficiency.
  • Database Gateway (DG) helps you with building database management and accessing in multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud scenarios.
  • ADAM is a sharp tool for heterogeneous database migration especially for migrating Oracle and other applications to Alibaba Cloud databases, such as PolarDB Oracle.


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