ApsaraDB for RDS (Relational Database Service) is a stable, reliable, and auto-scaling online database service. Based on the Alibaba Cloud's distributed file system and high-performance SSD storage, RDS supports MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and PPAS (highly compatible with Oracle) engines. It offers a complete set of solutions for backup, recovery, monitoring, migration, and disaster recovery to free you from worries about database O&M.

Learning Path

RDS Learning Path will walk you through the concepts and operations of RDS.


MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. As an important part of LAMP, a combination of open source software (Linux + Apache + MySQL + Perl/PHP/Python), MySQL is widely used in a variety of applications.

In the Web 2.0 era, MySQL serves as the basis of the underlying architecture of the popular BBS software system Discuz! and blogging platform WordPress. In the Web 3.0 era, leading Internet companies including Alibaba, Facebook, and Google have all taken advantage of the flexibility of MySQL to build their large-scale mature database clusters.

Based on Alibaba’s MySQL source code branch, RDS for MySQL proves to have excellent performance and throughput. It withstands the massive data traffic and large number of concurrent users during many November 11 (Singles’ Day) shopping festivals - the Chinese equivalent of Cyber Monday. RDS for MySQL also offers a range of advanced functions including optimized read/write splitting, data compression, and intelligent optimization.

RDS for MySQL currently supports versions 5.5, 5.6, and 5.7.

RDS for SQL Server

SQL Server is one of the first commercial databases and is an important part of the Windows platform (IIS + .NET + SQL Server), with support for a wide range of enterprise applications. The SQL Server Management Studio software comes with a rich set of built-in graphical tools and script editors. You can quickly get started with a variety of database operations through visual interfaces.

Powered by high-availability architecture and the ability to recover to any point in time, RDS for SQL Server provides strong support for a variety of enterprise applications. It also covers Microsoft’s licensing fee.

RDS for SQL Server currently supports the following versions:

  • SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
  • SQL Server 2012 Web, Standard, and Enterprise
  • SQL Server 2016 Web, Standard, and Enterprise
  • SQL Server 2017 Enterprise

RDS for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open source database. As the forerunner among academic relational database management systems, PostgreSQL excels for its full compliance with SQL specifications and robust support for a diverse range of data formats such as JSON, IP, and geometric data, which are not supported by most commercial databases.

In addition to excellent support for features such as transactions, subqueries, Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC), and data integrity check, RDS for PostgreSQL integrates a series of important functions including high availability, backup, and recovery that help ease your O&M burden.

RDS for PostgreSQL currently supports versions 9.4 and 10.


Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) is a stable, secure, and scalable enterprise-level relational database. Based on PostgreSQL, PPAS brings enhancements in terms of performance, application solutions, and compatibility. It also provides the capability to run Oracle applications directly. It is a reliable and cost-effective option for running a variety of enterprise applications.

RDS for PPAS provides account management, resource monitoring, backup, recovery, and security control, and more functions, and is continuously updated and improved.

RDS for PPAS currently supports version 10.