Create an RDS instance

Last Updated: Jun 07, 2017


Creates an RDS instance. For the detailed information of instance type, see Instance type table.

Request parameters

Name Type Required? Description
Action String Yes Required parameter. Value: CreateDBInstance.
RegionId String Yes Data center. The length cannot exceed 50 characters. The DescribeRegions function can be used to view available data centers.
ZoneId String No Zone ID. The DescribeRegions function can be used to view available zones.
Engine String Yes Database type. Value options: MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL, and PPAS.
EngineVersion String Yes Database version. Value options:
5.5/5.6/5.7 for MySQL,
9.4 for PostgreSQL,
9.3 for PPAS.
DBInstanceClass String Yes Instance type. For details, see Instance type table.
DBInstanceStorage Integer Yes User-defined storage space. Value range: [5, 2000] for MySQL/PostgreSQL/PPAS HA dual node edition; [20,1000] for MySQL 5.7 basic single node edition; [10, 2000] for SQL Server 2008R2; [20,2000] for SQL Server 2012 basic single node edition. Increase progressively at a rate of 5 GB. The unit is GB. For details, see Instance type table.
DBInstanceNetType String Yes Network connection type of an instance. Internet: public network; Intranet: private network.
DBInstanceDescription String No Instance description or remarks, no more than 256 bytes. NOTE: It cannot begin with http:// , https:// . It must start with a Chinese character or an English letter. It may contain Chinese and English characters/letters, “_”, “-“, and numbers. The length may be 2-256 characters.
SecurityIPList String Yes List of IP addresses allowed to access all databases of an instance. The IP addresses are separated by commas and cannot be repeated. The list contains up to 1,000 IP addresses. Supported formats include, (IP), and (Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) mode. /24 represents the length of the prefix in an IP address. The range of the prefix length is [1,32].) indicates unrestricted.
PayType String Yes Payment type. Postpaid: post payment; Prepaid: prepayment.
Period String No This input parameter is required if PayType is set to Prepaid. The prepayment consists of two types: Year (yearly) and Month (monthly).
UsedTime String No This input parameter is required if PayType is set to Prepaid. This parameter specifies the duration for purchase. You can set this parameter to 1, 2, 3, or other numeric values as required.
ClientToken String Yes Used to ensure idempotence.
InstanceNetworkType String No VPC: VPC instance; Classic: classic instance. If no value is specified, a classic instance will be created by default.
ConnectionMode String No Performance: standard access mode; Safety: high security access mode. The RDS system assigns an access mode by default.
VPCId String No VPC ID.
VSwitchId String No VSwitch ID.
PrivateIpAddress String No IP address of an VPC under VSwitchId. If no value is specified, the system will automatically assign a VPC IP address.

Return parameters

Name Type Description
<Public Return Parameters> - For details, refer to the Appendix.
DBInstanceId String Instance ID.
OrderId String Order ID.
ConnectionString String Database connection address.
Port String Port connecting to the database.


  • Request example
  2. &RegionId=cn-hangzhou
  3. &Engine=MySQL
  4. &EngineVersion=5.6
  5. &DBInstanceClass=rds.mys2.small
  6. &DBInstanceStorage=5
  7. &DBInstanceNetType=Internet
  8. &SecurityIPList=
  9. &PayType=Postpaid
  10. &ClientToken=ETnLKlblzczshOTUbOCziJZNwHlYBQ
  11. &<[Public Request Parameters]>
  • Return example

XML format:

  1. <CreateDBInstanceResponse>
  2. <OrderId>100789370230206</OrderId>
  3. <ConnectionString> </ConnectionString>
  4. <DBInstanceId>rdsaiiabnaiiabn</DBInstanceId>
  5. <port>3306</port>
  6. <RequestId>1E43AAE0-BEE8-43DA-860D-EAF2AA0724DC</RequestId>
  7. </CreateDBInstanceResponse>

JSON format:

  1. {
  2. "OrderId": "100789370230206",
  3. "ConnectionString": "",
  4. "DBInstanceId": "rdsaiiabnaiiabn",
  5. "Port": "3306",
  6. "RequestId": "1E43AAE0-BEE8-43DA-860D-EAF2AA0724DC"
  7. }
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