Community Blog Tech for Innovation | Alibaba Cloud 2023 Milestones and Highlights

Tech for Innovation | Alibaba Cloud 2023 Milestones and Highlights

Let us take a moment to reflect on the remarkable achievements of the past year and the profound impact Alibaba Cloud has had on shaping a sustainable and beautiful future.

Innovation is central to a sustainable and beautiful future.

For Alibaba Cloud, 2023 was a canvas of Bold Innovation, Endless Possibilities, and Game-changing Breakthroughs!

So, before we plunge into 2024, Let’s pause and rewind!

The Next Cloud

A Cloud That Keeps Evolving Technologically

2023 has seen the debut of our Tongyi LLM. Following several impactful launches, our endeavor pushed next limits and unveiled our most powerful models Tongyi Qwen-72B and Qwen-1.8B and proudly open-sourced them.

Qwen-72B outperforms other leading open-source models in over 10 authoritative benchmarks.

With the support of Alibaba Cloud technology, businesses and developers from around the world have leveraged Alibaba Cloud's technology and products to build numerous AI applications.

Backed by technological innovation, Alibaba Cloud upgraded data centers in multiple countries and regions. It launched more services to better serve local businesses overseas

That’s not all! We were endorsed as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for a third consecutive year and endorsed as a Leader by Forrester Wave Functions-as-a-Service.

The Neo Cloud

A Cloud That Transforms Every Industry

Alibaba Cloud broke the traditional constraints of digital innovation, revolutionizing key industries with bespoke products and solutions.

Alibaba Cloud energized financial innovation for companies through the latest cloud-native financial products.

We revitalized retail for the digital age and helped pave the way for seamless and secure omnichannel customer experiences through intelligent and cutting-edge solutions.

Alibaba Cloud helped manufacturers reimagine factory digitization, automate comprehensive production lines, and pioneer production efficiency and quality.

We digitized sports and empowered the first Asian Games on the Cloud with sustainable tech, cloud broadcasting, and AI-enabled event hosting.

But hold tight; there's more!

The Nexus Cloud

A Cloud that Connects, Includes, Empowers

2023 was a launchpad to strengthen our global footprint. We launched our International Product Innovation Center & Partner Management Center in Singapore and enhanced overseas service systems, benefiting 4M+ customers worldwide.

We forged strategic collaborations with a multitude of global and regional partners, leveraging technology to drive digital transformation and foster innovation.

Alibaba Cloud bagged two major titles at the ESG Business Awards for the success of its sustainability platform Energy Expert. Energy Expert platform ensured reduction of 14 tons CO2e achieved by replacing printed signage with digital alternatives, and an additional 10 tons CO2e saved by reusing 50% of event carpets in the Olympic Esports Week Singapore 2023. Platform's impact has also extended with iLight Singapore 2023.

Our innovations were beyond technology, fueling growth of the Global Digital Economy! From launching Apsara Developer Community and partnering with universities to nurture local talent to expanding Alibaba Cloud MVP award to 50+ countries, our commitment was unwavering.

We will continue to traverse the journey to net-zero partnering with customers, organizations, and government.

2023 draws to a close. Together, let's build a sustainable future in 2024 and beyond!

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