Community Blog How Retailers are Expanding for Post-Covid Success

How Retailers are Expanding for Post-Covid Success

Learn how we are helping retailers stay competitive post-Covid 19 through our retail and e-commerce solutions.

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Find out how real-life retailers are leveraging the cloud for success in the Global Industry Best practices on Alibaba Cloud for Retail and E-Commerce white paper.

The high street was hit hard by the recent pandemic with many brick-and-mortar stores closing their doors. But there was also a surge in online shopping, providing retailers with the opportunity to expand into new and exciting markets.

At Alibaba Cloud, we have a wealth of experience in the e-commerce market, including working with Chemist Warehouse to help Australia’s largest pharmacy retailer expand into China. Let’s examine how we worked together and what we achieved.

A Gateway to China

We’ve helped retailers pivot their business models and launch in new regions during the pandemic. China is one such burgeoning market where we’re the #1 cloud service provider in the country.

When we started working with Chemist Warehouse, we linked the company’s Hong Kong data center to our cloud network, offering both proximity to China and resolving many of its latency worries.

Using our China Gateway solution, Chemist Warehouse quickly established an online presence in China, using our simple six-step process to apply for an ICP (internet content provider) license in just one day. The company’s subsequent migration to a new China domain was also incredibly smooth.

To further optimize its online offerings, Chemist Warehouse used a combination of our Content Distribution Network (CDN), Web Application Firewall (WAF), and other web hosting solutions helped to ensure a secure and cost-effective deployment.

Once everything was set up, Chemist Warehouse also took advantage of our E-Commerce Solution. This suite of cloud-based solutions allowed the retailer to build and run its own e-commerce platform, while tracking recent trends and shifting demands.

Double Security

Chemist Warehouse prioritized its online security, deploying a range of our cloud-based security services to help protect its business.

Our cloud network also helps secure the Double 11 Global Shopping Festival across the whole data lifecycle, allowing 583,000 orders to be securely processed per second during the 2020 event.

In 2017, Chemist Warehouse was the top-ranking overseas vendor at the Double 11

Global Shopping Festival, for the second year running, taking more than AUD 25 million within 24 hours.

Going Forward

Chemist Warehouse isn’t the only retailer to benefit from Alibaba Cloud’s expertise. In our recent white paper, Global Industry Best practices on Alibaba Cloud for Retail and E-Commerce, we explain how others have pivoted their business models. These retailers include:

  • BonjourBonjour is a leading beauty and healthcare business that launched a new data infrastructure and analytics platform as part of its wider O2O transformation journey with our Omnichannel Data Mid-End solution.
  • FreshGoFreshGo is a seafood wholesaler who reduced its server costs by an estimated 70% thanks to Alibaba Cloud, while also providing a smoother purchasing experience for customers.
  • Lazada – We helped online shopping destination Lazada grow and fine-tune its business by deploying Image Search and live streaming capabilities for sellers and buyers.
  • Shiseido – We powered Shiseido's cutting-edge skincare and makeup business’s digital makeover in China, improving the end user experience while also bolstering the company’s online security.
  • Tokopedia – We provided Tokopedia with a microservices-oriented platform to optimize its business and help it reach a wider audience.

Alibaba Cloud is a world-class cloud provider, helping retailers setup, launch and succeed. To find out more about our work and read more case studies, download the Global Industry Best practices on Alibaba Cloud for Retail and E-Commerce white paper today.

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