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How an Academician got Fascinated about Alibaba Cloud

This article is a brief introduction to Ferdin Joe John Joseph, one of the latest Alibaba Cloud MVPs.
I am Ferdin Joe John Joseph, currently working as an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Information Technology, Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. I teach Data Science as a major for undergraduate students. While I taught the students, I needed to teach Big Data Analytics. Until then, my area of interest included Deep Learning and IoT.

In this scenario, I had to upskill myself with the verticals of cloud computing and big data to make myself good enough to teach Hadoop. Then, I explored options to learn these skills. Most of the competitive cloud providers had a price to learn systematically. When I explored Alibaba Cloud, I found a growth potential over the past few years. This is evident from the 2021 Magic Quadrant released by Gartner on cloud infrastructure.


The cost of learning with Alibaba Cloud is affordable for any beginner. The materials are designed perfectly to accommodate people from all levels. I purchased the learning resources of ACA Cloud Computing and Big Data. I could understand the information through the slides, though the video tutorials are improving continuously. After finishing the course, I got an ACA certification in cloud computing and started teaching students. I believe in a philosophy of teaching more to learn and expertise of the subject area. So, I started to deliver webinars to university students from India, Malawi, and Thailand. So far, I have given webinars to over 1000 students nearly six months after starting this journey.

During these webinars, I gave live demonstrations on Alibaba Cloud products, including ECS, OSS, and Polar DB. As my expertise includes AI, I am planning to create more demonstrations in PAI.

I got in contact with Multicloud4u, a training partner of Alibaba Cloud. They provided me with a platform to host my lectures online. This added value to the content I delivered, created a positive vibe, and got students interested in Alibaba Cloud. As a result of my webinars, I have seen many students get ACA certifications in cloud computing. 

With all these contributions, I wanted to do more. Then, I saw the Alibaba Cloud MVPs and how they have more facilities to contribute to Alibaba Cloud in more significant ways. Through the MVP friends I met, I applied to become an MVP. The batch of Alibaba Cloud MVPs for September 2021 included me. This was a sweet surprise.


For any student or faculty member looking to reskill, upskill, or learn new skills in cloud computing, I would recommend starting with Alibaba Cloud and its products. Alibaba Cloud is a promising option to explore, especially for people from third world countries. It is an ocean where I just touched a few droplets. I am continuing my journey with Alibaba Cloud, hoping I can explore more.

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