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Alibaba Cloud MVP Story - Nestor Campos

In this blog, Alibaba MVP Nestor Campos talks about his beginnings with cloud computing and his journey with Alibaba Cloud.

My beginnings in the cloud can be traced back to 2010, when I was learning in my university about internet service models, and I discovered cloud computing. Since 2011, I started to do concept tests and demos on my own to learn about technologies and best practices, and to then apply them in real projects.

A couple of years later, 2013, I've already had my first Cloud project, and it was very interesting because it gave me a new perspective for developing software.


My Journey toward Alibaba Cloud

In 2018, I started to investigate other Cloud platforms, and the one that caught my attention the most was Alibaba Cloud.

Then, I spent a long time reading more about Alibaba Cloud, because I was impressed by the amount of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data services they offered. Most of these services are only available for the Chinese market, which made them less visible as compared with services by competitors. The suite of products offered by Alibaba Cloud is something that even the best-known platforms in this part of the world did not have well-developed, and I saw in this topic an opportunity to go explore new capabilities.

My first project with Alibaba Cloud were proof of concept for me, using services like Image Search, MaxCompute, E-MapReduce and Function Compute, thanks to the free credits I had when I first registered.

Subsequently, I wrote an article in the official Alibaba Cloud blog using a service (Image Search) and mixing it with my knowledge of web application development. The simplicity of its use fascinated me that I ended up learning more and looking for ways to innovate with these technologies every day.

Finally, I liked the variety of Clouder courses and certifications they offered at minimal cost, so every week I took a new course.

Working with the Alibaba Cloud Community

In August 2019, I was invited by Alibaba Cloud to apply to their MVP program for my Alibaba Cloud blog post and article contributions, so I applied and was selected. What motivated me the most was to become the first Latin American to be an Alibaba Cloud MVP, and he also gave me great responsibility.

I started with the creation of a meetup group, Alibaba Cloud LATAM to share events that were organized globally, and then I started to organize meetups in which I shared this new technology in this part of the world and my experience with certifications, thanks to the support of new MVPs who have also been very helpful in these events.

It has been a great challenge, but also a great experience, since now in Latin America many people and companies are already talking about Alibaba Cloud, including people who are certifying and preparing to be new MVPs and help share knowledge with everyone.

Wrapping It Up

First of all, I must thank the entire Alibaba Cloud team, because they always have a great willingness to help, regardless of the time difference and the language barrier.

I also want to invite the community to get motivated, study, share, practice and become certified on Alibaba Cloud as it has a number of great benefits. And become an MVP so that we are a larger community and reach all corners of the world with our knowledge and experience.

Finally, in the difficult times we live in, we must innovate in each of the actions in our daily work, and Alibaba Cloud facilitates these tasks every day so that we can focus on what is most important and contribute more to companies and society in general.

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