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Distributed by Zones - Connected with Alibaba Cloud

This article explains the importance of business intelligence and low latency network solutions.

By Raghav K.

A cloud network helps an organization deliver information and data rapidly. Alibaba Cloud provides a quick, reliable, and secure networking solution without any of the complexities of building or maintaining a network. Alibaba Cloud gives users access to networking resources in a centralized and managed location. It helps you overcome some of the most common business challenges, such as:

  1. Inability to send or receive data between offices and data centers due to unstable network conditions
  2. Latency issues with existing network conditions with high volumes of data transmission
  3. High infrastructure provisioning costs
  4. Security Implementation
  5. Network implementation is time-consuming

Gartner predicts, “More than 15 billion IoT devices will connect to the enterprise infrastructure by 2029. Corporate, guest, trusted, and untrusted devices all pose a risk to the enterprise if I&O leaders do not properly coordinate when and how they will be connected.”

Principles of Cloud Network

The cloud connects over distances. A strong network allows users to build connections using cloud-based services. Alibaba Cloud networking solutions provide:

Cloud architecture spans thousands of different locations globally. With a strong cloud network, your organization can deliver faster, keep track of IoT or other infrastructures, and monitor operations in real-time. Alibaba Cloud network solutions have paved the way for enterprises to leverage highly effective solutions that monitor traffic fluctuations and provide the elasticity and flexibility to adjust accordingly.

Security is another concern. Alibaba Cloud provides data security at rest and in transit within isolated systems using a VPC or connected through an Express Connect layer. When it comes to global connection, Alibaba Cloud Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is a vital link in the chain of no dependency to maintain network links with a highly secure data channel.

An example of Alibaba Cloud’s cross-region hybrid network solution is listed below:



The Alibaba Cloud Network is a vital link for organizations that want to proceed with digital transformation or expand their reach to different parts of the world. This is especially vital for enterprises that want a presence in Mainland China. Some of the principal aspects of the Alibaba Cloud network are listed below:


There has been a massive increase in remote work over the past year. Many enterprises have turned to cloud networking for a more flexible computing approach. Platforms, such as e-commerce, financial institutions, medical organization, research-based organizations using public or private cloud services, and organizations looking to expand their business operations, need a flexible networking solution.


The Alibaba Cloud network guarantees faster communication using numerous data centers worldwide. Low latency solutions are a vital link in the data transmission chain that helps businesses share service solutions. The entire information chain can crumble if the link is slow or not viable.


Alibaba Cloud security solutions, such as Cloud Firewall and Data Encryption Service, ensure that your data is always safe. Server Load Balancer ensures service continuity automatically. It can scale in and out based on the traffic scenario and ward off Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks with HTTP flooding in some cases.

Alibaba Cloud Networking Solution

Alibaba Cloud is known for its robust networking products and services. They have distributed their products and services with a clear service-set that references a solution-based offering, making it easier for organizations to adopt a solution rather than dealing with the complexities of researching or designing a new solution altogether. However, you can easily pick out products and design a custom networking solution based on your requirements.

Hybrid Network

The hybrid enterprise network service-set includes products like the VPN Gateway, Express Connect, and Smart Access Gateway (SAG). The most influential part is the hierarchy-based solution modeling that offers a plug-and-play counterpart for your organization to choose an upgrade for an existing solution rather than building one from scratch.

If you wish to expand your organization’s reach, you can include Alibaba Cloud CEN and Alibaba Cloud Global Accelerator (GA) to expand your organization into a multi-region network setup.


Alibaba Cloud networking solutions provide an easy-to-use interface that is highly-unified to manage your networking services. You can use this interface to manage services like the Cloud Enterprise Network and set up a multi-region network environment in minutes.

You can easily connect data centers to the cloud with Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud Express Connect can enable highly elastic connections between data centers and the cloud using high-quality network connections based on leased lines.


The Alibaba Cloud network allows you to interconnect multiple satellite offices from your organization to the cloud to accelerate global connections. The stakes are higher than usual with global businesses. The connection requirements are based on very high-performance scenarios and sensitive information transmission.

Alibaba Cloud connects multiple establishments from your organization using the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) to enable seamless communication between establishments. Alibaba Cloud VPC helps isolate or connect resources across regions safely and securely.

In the End – What Matters?

Any enterprise requires business intelligence and low latency network solutions to grow and expand. If you are introducing digital transformation concepts to your organization or working on an expansion scenario, Alibaba Cloud provides network solutions for everyone. These highly-effective and worthy solutions provide a robust network that helps with complexities related to the ever-increasing traffic and demands.

In the next article, we will discuss setting up a cross-region hybrid enterprise network using Alibaba Cloud networking solutions.

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