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Application Monitoring and Observability – Part 3: Alibaba Cloud ARMS

Part 3 of this 3-part series elaborates on Alibaba Cloud Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS).

By Shantanu Kaushik

In Part 2 of this series, we discussed application performance monitoring and how crucial it is to maintaining business value and intelligence. This article elaborates on Alibaba Cloud Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS). Alibaba Cloud ARMS is an end-to-end solution that monitors application performance to maintain applications properly. Alibaba Cloud ARMS supports:

1.  Frontend Monitoring

It monitors user browsing behavior in real-time and distributes information on factors like ISPs, URLs, and geographical locations and regions. You can detect the real-time response and error rates without digging through the logs. Alibaba Cloud ARMS also monitors and diagnoses the performance and success rate of asynchronous API operations.

2.  Application Monitoring

Alibaba Cloud ARMS implements application performance management based on tracing information and monitors the system for anomalies with distributed application architecture like microservices.

  • Snapshot QueryAlibaba Cloud ARMS analyzes the collected data and troubleshoots any exception in the system based on intelligent algorithms that detect and identify the source of timeouts and excepts based on traces of unusual transactions.
  • Topology Discovery – While working with a distributed application architecture, Alibaba Cloud ARMS sifts through the tracing information using advanced computing and analysis to generate a topology based on the call references.
  • Diagnostic Metrics Collections – Alibaba Cloud ARMS performs drill-down analysis for metrics collection. You can collect metrics, such as the number of requests, error rates, and response time. You can sort or filter the information by application, database, or events to extract specific results.
  • Transaction Recording – You can easily and automatically identify the source causing slowdowns or timeouts based on tracing information.


3.  Custom Monitoring

Alibaba Cloud ARMS defines custom metrics to create real-time monitoring based on your personalized business needs. You can also set alerts and alarms based on custom configuration. Monitored data can be from different sources like logs, message queues, and SDKs.

You can also apply custom architecture for real-time resource orchestration (like the Elastic Compute Service (ECS)) and storage resources (like the Object Storage Service (OSS)). This orchestration is based on calculations and real-time performance data analysis.

4.  Alerts and Alarms

Alibaba Cloud ARMS provides a centralized system to implement alarms and alerts to report anomalies on your application platform. You can configure alarm policies based on metrics comparison from different working modules.

You can customize the dashboard and present the collected data using visualizations generated using Alibaba Cloud DataV. Furthermore, you can apply policies to different scenarios based on the data.


Usage Scenarios

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) allows enterprises to establish communication between the IoT platform and the devices deployed worldwide. Alibaba Cloud IoT is a high-performance and high-security platform that guarantees individual device security. The IoT platform is known for its customization scenarios with a rapid data collection, storage, and application development process. When it comes to monitoring the IoT platform, Alibaba Cloud ARMS can quickly collect, calculate, and generate alerts for large amounts of IoT data.

Alibaba Cloud ARMS can work with a larger-structure of IoT with an industrial implementation scenario. Production equipment statistics, including overall capacity, production status, and evolving equipment that facilitates functionality, can be utilized seamlessly using a controlled environment monitoring and management system such as Alibaba Cloud ARMS.

Mobile Apps Monitoring

Alibaba Cloud Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) can monitor mobile application performance and perform crash analysis in real-time to give the developer and organization a clear perspective of apps with higher risks and stability issues.

Performance Analysis

Performance analysis with Alibaba Cloud ARMS provides a clear picture of mobile application performance. It calculates the user’s resource level to load different application modules. Using Alibaba Cloud ARMS, you can monitor:

  • App Loading Speed
  • Page Rendering Time
  • Data Loading Fluency
  • Call Region
  • Number of Users Accessing the Application
  • Percentage of users affected by slowdowns (depending on regions and zones)
  • Performance comparison between different versions of applications deployed

Crash Analysis

Alibaba Cloud ARMS offers user experience monitoring and crash analysis. Mobile apps crash more frequently than regular web or system applications, and the availability of the application is highly affected by crashes.

Crash analysis has always been a difficult area in mobile app performance management. Alibaba Cloud ARMS distributes the different subsets of issues and analyzes them to make the crash reporting process easier. Alibaba Cloud ARMS processes the crash data and statistics to find what led to the crash.

Alibaba Cloud ARMS supports monitoring and alerts on Android and iOS apps.

Business Monitoring

Alibaba Cloud ARMS has a visual representation of business transactions and requests to provide a detailed view of how your business is running. You can easily filter and select business-specific performance metrics and diagnostic capabilities that make it highly efficient to proceed with a strong strategy for business continuity and intelligence.

Traditionally, monitoring tools checked the health of infrastructure and applications. The lack of intelligence for gathering specific usage data and patterns required a step up from the traditional practices. Businesses operate differently based on the environment, and the monitoring solutions have to keep up with the changing times. Alibaba Cloud ARMS helps business monitor metrics, such as:

  • Performance (Regarding Business Value)
  • Key Business Transaction Monitoring
  • Average Response Time
  • Success Rate

This overall system enables businesses to extract more value from their solution and spend less time diagnosing and troubleshooting issues.

Wrapping Up

Alibaba Cloud provides cloud solutions to keep up the reliability chain. Alibaba Cloud Application Real-Time Monitoring Service (ARMS) plays a crucial part in maintaining system operability and facilitating a smoother application experience.

Businesses depend on smooth application operations. Alibaba Cloud ARMS uses predictive patterns by incorporating observability with monitoring to offer a highly sophisticated business monitoring solution with visualized reports that can be customized to reflect the information you seek.

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