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A Smarter Cross-Region Hybrid Network Using Alibaba Cloud

This article discusses setting up a cross-region hybrid enterprise network using Alibaba Cloud networking solutions.

By Raghav K.

Enterprises have to plan the expansion of their operations strategically depending on business demands. Some larger enterprises have to set up offices and stores in different countries to facilitate business expansion. Operation optimization during business expansion requires tedious planning and execution with a limited time. The primary goal of business expansion is to acquire new customers and establish a strong user base to turn a profit.

Alibaba Cloud provides a strong and robust infrastructure to enable connections between different enterprise locations. Alibaba Cloud networking solutions can solve complexities and offer an approach to help with business expansion.

Expansion Challenges

Enterprises with a multi-national scale feature a diverse business ecosystem. An enormous amount of data is generated while the organization is operating across multiple regions. A robust network helps the enterprise overcome any challenges. Some of these challenges are:

  • Unstable and Slow Network – The existing network is a public network that cannot withstand large volumes of data transmission. Due to this packet loss during transmission, the overall business system is compromised, lowering the connectivity strength between multiple offices.
  • Deployment Time – Deployment time is critical; an enterprise cannot afford to spend excessive time on hybrid network deployment to connect multiple zones or regions. Setting up a network from scratch requires a deep understanding of network concepts. This approach differs from enterprise approaches since they need quick and easy deployment scenarios for business intelligence and continuity.
  • Security – Public network data transmission is not secure. A business requires an enterprise-level security network to enable secure data transmission.

Alibaba Cloud Solution

Alibaba Cloud offers the cross-region, hybrid enterprise network solution to overcome these challenges. This solution utilizes industry-leading products like Alibaba Cloud CEN and VPN Gateway. The Alibaba Cloud cross-region hybrid network builds a secure and robust global business network.

VPN Gateway interconnects local offices and stores with different Virtual Private Clouds in different regions using the local data centers. Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is responsible for the communications between VPCs. If you are expanding your business to Mainland China, you can access the region-exclusive Smart Access Gateway (SAG).


Virtual Private Network (VPN) Gateway

Enterprises expanding operations to another region or country can use the Alibaba Cloud VPN Gateway to connect satellite offices to the cloud. An organization might be working with on-premise and cloud data centers, implementing the hybrid cloud infrastructure as their basis of operations. Alibaba Cloud VPN uses a hybrid cloud compute architecture to implement a software-defined (SD) network that allows network customization and management.

VPN Gateway can apply changes in real-time, cutting down the time for network management.

Alibaba Cloud VPN Gateway provides:

  • Encrypted communication between isolated Virtual Private Clouds and IPsec
  • Data Source Verification
  • Anti-Tamper Protection
  • Anti-Replay
  • Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol
  • IPsec protocol
  • SSL protocol

All of these helps maintain the highest security levels during data transmission. Moving on from a security point of view towards operations efficiency, Alibaba Cloud VPN Gateway is easy to configure and saves time during implementation. VPN Gateway provides an active/standby mechanism to ensure maximum availability and reliable operations at the end-user level.

Cost management is another factor that is crucial for any business. Alibaba Cloud VPN Gateway works with reduced costs and provides Internet-based dedicated connections to implement hybrid cloud architecture., VPN Gateway provides a remarkable management portfolio with options to manage resources using the console, API, or SDK.


Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)

Handling cross-border and multi-region networks should not be taken lightly. Some complex situations require experts to solve. Alibaba Cloud is the first cloud provider with a global network solution, and it provides robust global network coverage with Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN).

You can expand to more than 20 regions worldwide and enable safe and secure communication between IDCs in any region with Alibaba Cloud CEN. Alibaba Cloud CEN provides access to multiple virtual private clouds (VPCs), which improves the overall communication and business process among peers. Alibaba Cloud CEN also provides multiple redundancies to make sure communication stays intact no matter what.


The first step for a hybrid enterprise network is to create a CEN instance and attach network instances. The second step is to enable interconnection between the Alibaba Cloud CEN instance and Virtual Border Routers (VBRs) located in the same region and within the same account. This enables the organization to connect its virtual private clouds (VPCs) and virtual border routers (VBRs) to the CEN instance.

Alibaba Cloud CEN provides route convergence in seconds and automatically forwards all the information using its high-quality, high-performance, and high-fidelity network capabilities with low-latency. Alibaba Cloud Cloud Enterprise Network provides global node sharing. An enterprise can leverage CEN nodes nearby that are spread over 60 worldwide locations to expand their business by providing information access to users based on the nearest node. The same concept is used with edge nodes.

Alibaba Cloud CEN eliminates network stability issues since it transmits data between the enterprise headquarters and other offices using four redundant links. This ensures high network stability and availability without any congestion, interruption, or packet loss.

In the End - What Matters?

The Alibaba Cloud hybrid enterprise network solution showcases a series of products and services to overcome any boundaries and limitations. A solution that can trigger an automated cycle and establish a global network connection in minutes is extraordinary.

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